Al-Ayyam newspaper – Military forces intervene to stop armed tribal confrontations


Taking hostages from the sheikhs of the morning and preventing the carrying of weapons

A security campaign launched by the 7th Infantry Brigade, led by Brigadier General Hamdi Shukri, commander of the resistance of the Sons of Al-Sabiha, commander of the 7th Infantry Brigade, was able to apprehend two security wanted persons against the backdrop of the killing of a number of citizens in the city of Tur Al-Baha, following tribal armed confrontations between the Ma’amiya and Al-Atween tribes, which left many The dead and wounded, the latest of which was the killing of the young man, Ali Aidarous Saleh Nasser Al-Emadi, at the Al-Habis Tur Al-Baha station, by tribal groups from Ma’amiya, while he was riding his motorcycle.

The Al-Ameeda tribe demanded the sheikhs and notables of the Al-Maamiya and Al-Maamiyah tribes, all the authorities, to quickly hand over the killers of their son and refer him to the judiciary to carry out retribution in order to prevent sedition. The unexpected happens.

The campaign was able to arrest a number of sheikhs from the Al-Maamiya and Al-Atween tribes and put them in custody, until some of the wanted security men are handed over in connection with some security cases, murders and haraba crimes in the district from members of their two tribes, and local sources said that a security campaign from the Seventh Infantry Brigade led by Brigadier General Hamdi Shukri Al-Subaihi, leader of the resistance of the Sons of Al-Sabiha, commander of the 7th Infantry Brigade, was deployed in the Tur Al-Baha district to pursue wanted security personnel on charges of cutting and killing, to end the state of armed tension that the district is witnessing between a number of tribes, and to re-establish security and stability in the district.

The security campaign lifted illegal collection points, which were controlled by some of those wanted by the security forces. The security force of the Seventh Infantry Brigade deployed in the center of the district, up to the borders separating the two conflicting tribes, and that force also controlled the entrances and exits of the district and secured government facilities.

The commander of the security campaign, Brigadier General Hamdi Shukri, held a meeting with the local and security authorities, during which it was confirmed by everyone to “take the solemn covenant of God and his firm covenant that they secure the district and its stability and fight discord, thuggery and murderers, and be one hand, and whoever betrays us, the curse of God, the angels and all people, and God As we say, a martyr.

Brigadier General Hamdi Shukri called on the sheikhs and notables of the morning to make a covenant and charter to pursue those who interrupt, kill and destabilize security and stability, calling for cooperation with the security services, informing the names of criminals and their whereabouts, and giving information to the leadership of the campaign, in order for this mission to succeed, and all tribes must make a bloodshed document. Anyone who interrupts, kills, and undermines security and stability in the district.

Brigadier General Hamdi Shukri said, “The campaign will continue until all murderers and bandits of any tribe are arrested.”

In turn, the local and security authority in the Tural-Baha district approved, in its meeting on Thursday, following the bloody events in the district, to prevent carrying weapons in the district’s capital, and whoever violates this will have his weapon confiscated and submitted to the competent legal authorities.

The local and security authority also recommended the governor of the governorate, in coordination with the judicial authority in the governorate, to return both the president of the Tur Al-Baha Court and the deputy prosecutor of Tur Al-Baha to work from their workplace in the district capital on an ongoing basis.

With regard to the Directorate of Mudaraba and Ras Al-Ara and the armed conflict between the tribes of Al-Shamaya and Al-Barimah, and the resulting deaths and injuries between the two tribes, and to address the problem of revenge between the two tribes, and end the tension, and as a gesture of goodwill, the two tribes handed over to Brigadier Hamdi Shukri 6 personalities as hostages, including the son of the governor of Lahj, who belongs to the tribe The sniffer.

The intervention of the Seventh Infantry Brigade forces in Al-Sabiha areas received popular and tribal support, to end the suffering of citizens as a result of the armed conflicts, which caused the loss of dozens of victims, including dead and wounded, calling for the continuation of the campaign until the end of revenge issues between the conflicting tribes and the return of peace and security to all areas of Al-Sabiha.

Jalal Al-Suwaisi, the relations official at the governorate office, said in a statement to Al-Ayyam that “what is happening in the morning of bloody events as a result of what some tribal elements are doing in the name of revenge, is only one of what was caused by the security vacuum, and it was not the result of chance, but was the manufacture of an effective act.” And with immediate feeding that takes place after and before the implementation of any operation in which chaos is created and tribal tension is created between the tribes, with the aim of weakening the strength of Al-Sabiha, so that the enemy can penetrate combat positions and reach the capital, Aden.

He added: “Tribal conflicts have negatively affected all warring and non-warring tribes, disrupted the social fabric, caused a great rift in society, created chaos, destabilized security and stability, a living situation crisis and casualties, whether at the level of the warring tribes or by mistake, and to establish security and stability.” In the morning areas and ending the tribal conflict, all military and security leaders must unite efforts and word and raise the slogan of fighting any person who assaults the other, as he committed a criminal case against others far from calculating that what he did was a matter of revenge, but rather he follows up and pursues without regard for the side talk that has become a slogan of death The slow motion for everyone is pushed by an external force in the name of revenge.. Secondly, obliging all sheikhs and notables to concede in writing to disavow its elements, whether he was a murderer in the name of revenge or otherwise, as he committed a criminal case for which he will be held accountable before the law.