Death to the Arabs.. America condemns racist Israeli chants launched by settlers

Death to the Arabs.. America condemns racist Israeli chants launched by settlers
Death to the Arabs.. America condemns racist Israeli chants launched by settlers

On Thursday, the United States condemned “racist” chants against Arabs launched by settlers in occupied Jerusalem, affirming its opposition to these chants, which it described as “abhorrent”, and launched by settlers during the flags march, which warned Arab and Islamic countries of escalation in the Palestinian territories as a result.

US State Department spokesman Matthew Miller wrote in a tweet on his official Twitter account: “The United States absolutely opposes racist language in any form.”

He added, “We condemn hateful chants such as (Death to the Arabs) during the demonstrations in Jerusalem.”

And the provocative settlement “March of the Flags” stormed, on Thursday evening, the Bab al-Amoud area, one of the most famous gates of the Old City of occupied Jerusalem, with the participation of thousands of settlers, with the protection of the Israeli occupation police, according to the Palestinian News Agency (Wafa).

Also participating in the settlement march were ministers and members of Knesset from the government coalition, headed by the extremist Minister of “National Security” Itamar Ben Gvir, Minister of Finance Bezalel Smotrich, Minister of Transportation Miri Regev, Chairman of the Foreign and Security Affairs Committee in the “Knesset” Yuli Edelstein, and Minister of the Negev and Galilee Yitzhak. Wasserlauf, in addition to representatives in the Knesset from the “Likud”, “Religious Zionism” and “Jewish Power” parties.

The settlers chanted racist slogans and others calling for death to the Arabs, and attacked many journalists who were present in the place, while the occupation forces deployed their snipers on the Damascus Gate wall, and deployed heavily in the area and the streets of Jerusalem and the alleys of the Old City, and turned it into a military barracks, under the pretext of securing the march.

Settlers, under the protection of the occupation police, attacked, in conjunction with the march, several Palestinian citizens in the Old City of occupied Jerusalem, including: Abd Barbar, Firas al-Atrash, Malik and Majd Mutwar, according to Wafa Agency.

And local sources reported that the occupation police arrested 10 Jerusalemites, claiming that they closed a street, to prevent settlers from reaching the starting point of the march, at Damascus Gate. According to eyewitnesses, the occupation police used a helicopter and a drone to monitor the field developments.

The occupation police prevented the Palestinians from passing freely in the Old City, while providing protection to the settlers. The settlers waved the flags of the occupying state and performed provocative dances in Damascus Gate Square, while Jerusalemites raised the Palestinian flag, rejecting the march.

The Israeli occupation police had announced the deployment of 3,200 of its members to secure the march, which usually chants “Death to the Arabs”, and coincides with the 56th anniversary of the occupation of East Jerusalem in 1967, according to the Hebrew calendar. Palestinians in East Jerusalem closed their shops and were prevented from entering the Damascus Gate area. In the Gaza Strip, thousands of Palestinians gathered at the border, most of them carrying Palestinian flags, while the Israeli army fired tear gas at anyone who approached the border fence.

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