Al-Saffar wins the Naji Jawad Al-Saati Award for Travel Literature

Al-Saffar wins the Naji Jawad Al-Saati Award for Travel Literature

Yassin Yass

The Organizing Committee of the Naji Jawad Al-Saati Award for Travel Literature, in its 13th session, announced that writer and heritage writer Rifaat Marhoon Al-Saffar won the award for his two books (Letters in Brotherhood Literature between Al-Saffar and Al-Saati) and (Old Baghdadi Shops). The past was organized by the Committee for the Preservation of the Heritage of the Writer Naji Jawad Al-Saati, and it was run by a member of the Central Council of the Novelist Union, Hassan, who said that (travel literature has an important advantage as it is one of the literary genres that carries flexibility: poetry, novel, story), stressing that (the Jawad Al-Saati Award It is an Iraqi fingerprint par excellence.

And the speech of the organizing committee of the celebration, Ahlam Al-Saati, represented by Mr. Saad Naji Al-Saati and the sponsor of the celebration, said (Once again we meet in the Union of Iraqi Writers, to celebrate a new celebration on the journey of the late writer Jawad Al-Saati Award for Travel Literature, and this year’s celebration has another special impact, as the Preservation Committee The legacy of Naji Jawad should be called (The Loyalty Course for Friends and Contemporaries of Naji Jawad Al-Saati), led by the literary sheikh Rifaat Marhoon Al-Saffar. And she added, “I remember with you the two brothers who started the award’s journey with us since its early days, the late Wathiq Al-Hashemi and the late writer Tawfiq Al-Tamimi.

As for the speech of the family, it was delivered by Basil Al-Saati, saying: “Today, for the thirteenth time, we celebrate the revival of the awards for travel literature in the name of the late Jawad Al-Saati. Honoring friends who lived with the late writer.

The session witnessed the honoring of a distinguished elite of those interested in the writings and productions of Al-Saati, including the head of the Iraqi Scientific Academy, Muhammad Hussein Al Yassin, the storyteller Safra Jamil Hafez, the editor-in-chief of (Al-Zaman) newspaper Ahmed Abdel Majeed, the critic Fadel Thamer, the general manager of Dar Al-Ma’moun Falah Al-Ani, and the secretary-general of the Writers’ Union. In Iraq, the poet Omar Al-Saray, the Secretary of Cultural Affairs of the Union, the poet Munther Abdel-Har, and the poet Aawat Hassan Amin, a member of the Central Council of the Union, Director General of Kurdish Culture, and Director of the Baghdadi Cultural Center, Taleb Issa. The book Old Baghdadi Shops and Letters in Brotherhood Literature were distributed between Al-Saffar and Al-Saati to the attendees. At the initiative of researcher Rifaat Al-Saffar.

The late writer Naji Jawad Al-Saati, a writer and traveler, was born in 1922 and died in 2009. He worked in the field of watch trade, as he comes from a family that excels in repairing and selling watches until he became a commercial agent for the finest types of Swiss watches. He also holds a bachelor’s degree in law and was one of the owners of cultural intellectual councils. Al-Baghdadiya, which attracted writers and thinkers such as Mustafa Jawad, Hussein Mahfouz, Jaafar Al-Khalili, Dr. Ali Al-Wardi and the poet Muhammad Mahdi Al-Jawahiri, and his many trips resulted in a number of books in the form of travel literature, including Letters from India and from the inspiration of travel Inanna, and from the literature of messages and my journey to Arab Africa, the story of time Her reading books, inspired by poetry, With Al-Ayyam, A Journey to Andalusia, Libya, Green Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco, Switzerland, The World’s Tent). As for the heritage researcher Rifaat Marhoon Al-Saffar, he is considered a friend and companion of the watchmaker. In one locality, passing through their active presence in Baghdad literary councils full of scholars and literary personalities, and ending with the book (Letters in Brotherhood Literature between Al-Saffar and Al-Saati).