Compatibility is the key to getting out of the crisis, otherwise the vacuum remains the main one. | Articles archive

Compatibility is the key to getting out of the crisis, otherwise the vacuum remains the main one. | Articles archive
Compatibility is the key to getting out of the crisis, otherwise the vacuum remains the main one. | Articles archive

It is expected that vitality will return to the local efforts to elect a new president for the republic, after the Arab summit has set its course. It is true that it constituted a station to explore the extent of Arab interest in the Lebanese crisis and to help them get out of it (and the current interest is faltering), but it certainly will not provide an antidote to the deepening disease, and it will not be involved judiciously and logically in the system’s attempt to drag the Arabs in order to finance its reproduction.

It was clear to the outside that the Lebanese crossing point to return to the global system lies in the implementation of the urgently required reforms, and then the signing of the agreement with the International Monetary Fund. Without these two things, return will not be easy and no one will extend a helping hand. Officials mocked abroad and thought that the Lebanese savvy (as it appeared in the previous Paris conferences) is helping them to implicate the outside without the need for reforms that are in essence a blow to their interests and a blow to their gains and spoils.

But what happened this time was that the outsiders mocked them, leaving the Lebanese to their fate as the prisoners of the system and its henchmen. The structure collapsed, the economic and financial catastrophe befell, and the pillars of the deep state were busy collecting their losses and smuggling their money abroad. They had no way to do that except to overthrow the depositors’ money.

Despite all this, the system did not find the need to return to the right path, and launch a financial, economic and political recovery project. The owners of the solution and linkage were not convinced that the local initiative to elect the future president, the starting point for any solution, is the same as any foreign initiative, and even more important and effective in light of the outside’s distance and its preference not to get involved in any Lebanese adventure that may be uncalculated.

The opposition is not yet convinced that confrontation is the perfect recipe for thwarting the election of the president

In all of this, the presidential-political scene is depicted as follows:

1- The Shiite duo did not yet realize that his insistence on the head of the Marada Movement, Suleiman Franjieh, was a fatal recipe for Lebanon in the entity crisis that shackled it. He defies the Christian will of rejecting a president whom Hezbollah wants to protect his back only, and is chosen by the Amal Movement in order to ensure that blood is pumped into the arteries of the system that has controlled the country and its components for 30 years and brought it to decay and collapse. The simple question posed to the duo: Did he believe himself that lifting the Saudi veto means a green light for Franjieh’s election and his Arab embrace? Does he appreciate the extent of the dangers resulting from defying the Arab and Western wills, with the exception of the French, by bringing in a non-reformist president, who has no project, vision, or ability, who relies exclusively on Hezbollah’s arm and the skill of Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri?

2- The opposition is trying to gather its ranks around a candidate to confront the nomination of the Shiite duo, head of the Marada Movement. However, that opposition has not yet become certain, or has it become certain (?), that confrontation in itself is the perfect recipe for thwarting the election of the president, and as a digression it persists in the deadly vacuum. The logic of matters is at its minimum for the opposition to ask itself the simple question: Can any president, regardless of the level of support for him, rule for one day in defiance of the Shiite component? Originally, who is this suicide bomber who accepts such a mission? Did the opposition ask Jihad Azour, for example, about his desire to embark on this adventure of challenge?

3- The Free Patriotic Movement is aware of this reality with both sides of opposition and reluctance. Opening channels of dialogue without contract or precedent, fantasies and illusions. He said to the party (the logic of reluctance) that the adornment of reason and the entrance to any productive dialogue to agree on a president requires leaving Franjieh’s candidacy, not negotiating with him and bestowing offers of intimidation and prosperity. He told the opposition (the logic of confrontation) that it would be reckless to agree by force to elect a president rejected by the Shiite duo, and Hezbollah in particular. Therefore, there must be a common word preceded by that each of the parties of opposition and confrontation put aside the weapon of challenge. Only then can the dialogue reach a minimum consensus, and then comes the president who is capable of reconnecting Lebanon with the outside world, starting the process of reform and recovery, and managing the country with the required competence and knowledge.

Waiting for the reluctant and the confrontational to be guided, the vacuum will remain the main one!