Jordan: The spring weather remains pleasant in most areas on Saturday, and a five-year depression is expected on Monday | Arab weather

Weather of Arabia – The latest readings of air maps indicate that the moderate air mass affected by the Kingdom will continue on Saturday so that the weather will remain pleasant spring in most regions, but the same maps indicate that there is a five-year depression expected to rush towards the eastern Mediterranean and the Levant on Monday, and it is accompanied by a relatively hot and dry air mass, as the weather returns to be relatively hot in most regions.

And it is expected that the temperatures will remain lower than their usual levels for this time of the year by about 5-7 degrees Celsius on Saturday, so that the spring weather will continue to be pleasant in most areas and moderate in the Jordan Valley, the Sea of ​​the Dead and Aqaba, with the appearance of clouds at different heights. There is a chance of scattered rain in the morning hours in some northern areas.

As for Sunday, a five-year depression will approach the Kingdom, as a rise in temperatures will occur, while they will remain below their usual levels by two degrees Celsius. The appearance of clouds at medium and high altitudes. Night temperatures also rise compared to the previous nights, making the weather pleasant in most regions.

And it is expected that the Kingdom will be affected on Monday by a five-year depression, which is expected to be concentrated on Monday afternoon to the north of Egypt, and will be associated with:

  • Significant rise in temperatures so that they become several degrees Celsius higher than the usual rates.
  • Khamiseen weather conditions prevail in the Kingdom, so that the weather is relatively hot, dry, and dusty in most regions of the Kingdom, and it is even hot in the Jordan Valley, the Dead Sea, and Aqaba, and quantities of high and medium clouds appear at intervals.
  • The winds are southwesterly, brisk, with strong gusts at times, causing dust waves to occur in several areas, especially in the desert, and lead to a remarkable decrease and perhaps a lack of horizontal visibility.
  • And despite this atmosphere! There is an opportunity for scattered showers of rain in limited areas, especially the desert, which may be accompanied by the occurrence of thunder at times.

God knows.