The medical supplies user in Sohag admits: “I deluded the victims of huge monthly benefits.”

Written by Mahmoud Abdel Radi – Ahmed Hosni

Saturday, May 20, 2023 08:00 AM

Comfortable in Sohag, she deluded her victims of her ability to invest money, by working in the field of medical supplies, and persuaded them to obtain huge monthly benefits, until they gave her more than half a million pounds.

The General Administration for Combating Public Money Crimes in the Public Money Crimes and Organized Crime Sector was informed by 3 people, residing in Sohag Governorate, that they were harmed by a woman because she received sums of money from them for allegedly hiring and investing them in the field of trading medical supplies in exchange for profits agreed upon among them, but she did not comply with what She promised him and refused to return the money seized.

By conducting investigations, it was found that the incident was true and that (one of the women, residing in Sohag Governorate) practiced a fraudulent activity as referred to, which enabled her to seize sums of money from the whistleblowers amounting to (550 thousand pounds) and stopped paying the assets of those sums as well as the agreed profits. Other victims did not come forward to report in the hope of obtaining profits or recovering their money.

After codifying the procedures, she was targeted and seized, and by confronting her, she admitted that she had engaged in that criminal activity.

Legalists said that Article 21 of Law No. 146 of 1988 stipulates that “anyone who receives money contrary to the provisions of this law, or who refuses to return all or part of the sums due to their owners, shall be punished with imprisonment and a fine of not less than 100,000 pounds and not more than the same.” What he received in terms of money or what is due from it, and the perpetrator is ordered to return the money owed to its owners, and that Law No. 146 of 1988 prohibited in its first paragraph of Article 1 any person other than the joint-stock companies registered in the Investment Authority, to receive money from the public in any currency Or a means and under any name to be employed or invested, and it is not permissible to invite the public to deposit by any means, whether public or hidden, explaining that the criminal case expires, if the accused takes the initiative to return the sums due to their owners, during the investigation, or during the trial, and the court has the right to exempt the perpetrator from punishment if the response occurs. before issuance of a final judgment in the case.