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What is the truth about the fire in the new vegetable market??? Who is the beneficiary of obstructing the movement of merchants from the old market?

Of course, the damages were not as great as those that occurred in the past, but some considered it as a message addressed to those in charge of the matter, i.e. the municipality of Tripoli and the merchants of the vegetable market themselves, who suffer huge problems inside the old market in terms of the rampant chaos and the difficulty of reaching them by customers, which pushes them every time to demand moving. To the new market, in which business ended five years ago, but it remained closed due to disputes that arose between the municipality and the Traders Syndicate, and then because of the presence of those affected by the transfer of the market, and so the matter remained between ebbs and flows amidst the insistent demand of the merchants who assert that the new market opens wide areas for Moving the economic wheel due to its great importance in Tripoli, which it lost due to the lack of space in Tabbaneh and the combat tours that prompted many customers to shift to other markets after each city had its own market.


And just as every development and vital project for the city of Tripoli collides with many barriers for reasons that are no longer unknown, the new vegetable market had its share of fighting, as every politician had his interventions to serve his personal interests at the expense of the city and its development. The martyr Rafik Hariri was funded by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Saudi Islamic Bank, and it was supposed to include 184 commercial establishments registered within the syndicate, but what was taken into account happened and the market remained closed to merchants even after the completion of its construction. For the fire: “We waited for the opening of the market five years ago, and until now, what we hoped for did not happen. At first, the market was robbed and we worked as merchants to secure an alternative. The Municipality of Tripoli helped us a lot, and the Lebanese Army Intelligence also helped us by distributing shops, securing security, and completing all transactions. We began to wait for the market to open. We promised before Eid al-Adha. Yesterday, the affected hands tampered with it by setting fires in a section of the infrastructure. I consider that a message, but we will not stop at it. its neglect and chaos.

Al-Rifai concluded: “Because of our negligence and the wars between Tabbaneh and Jabal Mohsen, all markets flourished in Jbeil, Akkar and Koura. In fact, we do not know why the city is being fought in its projects??? And who is the party working against??!? In any case, we hope to move to the market before Eid al-Adha.” “.

Engineer Qamar Al-Din

For his part, the head of the municipality of Tripoli, Engineer Ahmed Qamar al-Din, said: “We are all waiting for the opening of the new market and moving to it, and the fire that affected it will not deter us from opening it during the next month. On the contrary, we have determined and determined that. There are some affected by the transfer of the market and they are the owners of the stalls in the Sunday market.” And those who will be removed from the place in order to open the road and they will have an alternative, but not permanently, as they work one day a week, and it was indicated that the state’s pillars have been agreed on the matter and there will be no problems, the current market in Al-Tabbaneh suffers from many crises and it has become necessary to move The new market is to be managed by a private company, the syndicate and the municipality of Tripoli.

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