Because of Moscow’s resumption of flights with Tbilisi, he witnessed a fistfight in the Parliament of Georgia

Azimut Airlines is the first Russian airline to obtain permission for direct daily flights from Moscow to Tbilisi.

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Published in: May 20, 2023: 11:49 AM GST
Last updated: May 20, 2023: 12:44 PM GST

The media reported scenes from the session of the Georgian parliament on Friday, May 19, as some deputies clashed in the midst of the debate over Russia’s resumption of flights with Georgia.

Last Monday, Azimut Airlines was the first Russian airline to obtain permission for direct daily flights from Moscow to the Georgian capital, Tbilisi. According to the airline’s reservation system, flights will begin on Friday.

The Georgian Aviation Authority said that “Azimut” is not subject to sanctions and therefore can travel to the Republic of the South Caucasus.

Flights between the two countries were suspended at Moscow’s request in 2019 following tensions between the two countries.

A decree from Russian President Vladimir Putin granting permission to resume direct flights and allowing Georgians to visit Russia without a visa came into effect on Monday.

Hundreds of thousands of Georgians live in Russia and many welcomed the decision, but President Salome Zurabishvili called Putin’s move a “provocation”. It has repeatedly warned of Russia’s attempts to expand its influence in the former Soviet republic.

And the Georgian president posted a tweet last week on Twitter, in which she said: “Another Russian provocation!”

For his part, European Union spokesman for foreign affairs Peter Stano said that the Union regrets the decision of the Georgian authorities to resume flights with Russia, which raises concerns about the European path of Georgia.

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