Gamal Abdel Hamid comments on Khaled Murtaja’s statements yesterday…and asks him this question Gamal Abdel Hamid, a member of the club’s board of directors, commented on the statements of Khaled Mortaji, a member of the board of directors of Al-Ahly Club, yesterday, with the journalist Amr Adib.

These statements that we mentioned to you a short while ago, Gamal Abdel Hamid was keen to comment on them via the Zamalek Club channel yesterday.

See here.. statements by Khaled Murtaja.. and the comment remains for you

Gamal Abdel Hamid said: The Al-Ahly official who said the shameful word that the fleeing player said before, I want to ask him a question.. How do you look into your children’s eyes?

I mean, after what you said, how do you look into your children’s eyes, is what the fugitive did and the sentence he said was good because you come to repeat it.

Saleh Selim, if he was alive, he would not have allowed something like this to happen, and he was the one who took decisions against the player, not anyone else.

We have real principles, not fake ones, and the evidence is Counselor Mortada. When Medhat Abdel-Hadi got angry at the ball carrier in one of the African matches last season, a decision was issued to dismiss him immediately .. Medhat Abdel-Hadi is now on our head, but it was necessary to stop at the time.

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Source: “Zamalek Today”