Divergent opinions of middle school students about the Arabic language exam in Assiut

Assiut – Haitham El Badry

Saturday, May 20, 2023 12:16 PM

The opinions of the students of the preparatory certificate in Assiut differed regarding the questions of the Arabic language and calligraphy subject exam, as the students confirmed the ease of the expression question and the difficulty of the grammatical rules question.

Ali Mahmoud, a student at the Arab Unity School in Assiut, said that the expression question came, “Write a telegram to your friend, congratulating him on his excellence.” The academic question, either grammar or grammar rules, was difficult.

Student Hind Mahmoud, a student at Hoda Shaarawy Preparatory School for Girls, complained about the grammar question, noting that many students were unable to solve it.

For his part, Major General Essam Saad, Governor of Assiut, said that 84,000 male and female students with the general and professional preparatory certificate are performing the exams for the second semester of the preparatory certificate for the academic year 2022/2023, which began today, “Saturday”, with the “Arabic language, computer and information technology” exams, according to the approved exam schedules and rules. The organization of the conduct of examinations.

The governor indicated in press statements today, Saturday, that he directed the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Education in the governorate to inspect the progress of the exams and direct the directors of educational departments and all educational leaders to continuously follow up the examination committees in all villages and centers of the governorate and provide all means of comfort for students to take their exams, stressing the need to achieve discipline and calmness for students. Wishing success, excellence and success to all.

The governor of Assiut stated that the total number of students who take the general and professional preparatory certificate exams reached 84,000 male and female students distributed among 397 committees, pointing to the coordination and cooperation between the governorate and the Directorate of Education and the follow-up of their two operating rooms, especially during the examination period, stressing the need to intensify follow-up and field traffic on committees. Examinations and question distribution centers in the educational departments on a regular basis until the end of the exams.

Abdel Aziz Zinnar, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Education in the governorate, inspected some committees for the general preparatory certificate examinations in the administrations of Assiut, Al-Fatah and Manfalout, where he continued distributing questions to the committees since five in the morning, and he also followed the progress of the exams in the various committees of the centers, pointing out that he had not received any complaints or complaints. Obstacles in any of the committees at the level of the governorate during the first day of the exam for the second semester, which started on the dates and time set for it, in calm and without complaints, and with ease and ease, as the exam came at the level of the intermediate student, pointing to coordination with the educational departments in the centers to take all necessary measures to create an atmosphere It is appropriate for our students to be able to perform exams, pointing to providing all committees with good lighting and emphasizing public instructors for the various academic subjects that all exam questions are computer-printed in clear handwriting and from the textbook in accordance with the regulations governing that.

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