A Kuwaiti raises the “shit” of tweeters by eating live worms for breakfast! (a witness)

A Kuwaiti raises the “shit” of tweeters by eating live worms for breakfast! (a witness)
A Kuwaiti raises the “shit” of tweeters by eating live worms for breakfast! (a witness)

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homeland- Activists circulated on social media a shocking video clip of a Kuwaiti citizen who put worms in his diet.

According to the circulating video that was monitored by “Watan”, the Kuwaiti citizen appeared while eating breakfast, as one of the dishes appeared full of worms, so he put a large number of them inside the “sandwich” that contained cheese and salad.

According to the video, the Kuwaiti citizen did not hesitate to eat the “sandwich”, as he claimed that it tasted very tasty, as it contains vitamin C and proteins, calling on everyone to eat worms.

Tweeters denounce

What the Kuwaiti citizen did caused a wave of anger and great resentment on the part of the tweeters, who described what he was doing as “disgusting”, while some confirmed that what he had done was for the sake of showing off only.

In this context, the tweeter, Bint Al-Hila, said: “He focuses on his body language, his sensuality is not like his liver, but I don’t know what idea he wants to communicate, and I also noticed a worm that wanted to escape from his mouth.”

The mother of the singer, Samar bint Abdullah Al-Qadi, commented in disapproval: “What is this disgusting?”

Tweeter Amin Al-Ghamdi said, commenting on what he witnessed: “Corona and diseases have come only from those with forms.”

Tweeter Fahd Al-Anzi denounced the Kuwaiti citizen’s act by saying: “What happened to you with chicken eggs that made you a worm?”

The European Food Authority allows eating flour worms

It is noteworthy that the European Food Safety Authority concluded in mid-January 2020 that it is safe to consume “flour worms”, either in the form of a whole dried insect or insect powder.

And the French magazine “Lepoint” said in its report that biscuits or pasta made from dried yellow flour worms will soon enter the dishes of Europeans, as member states allowed in early May 2021 – for the first time – the possibility of selling insects as food.

As part of this regulatory green light, “member states have approved a proposal from the European Commission allowing dried yellow mealworms to be used as a new food,” the commission announced. She added, “The insect can be consumed dried as a snack, or in a number of food products in powder form, such as in protein products, biscuits, or pasta.”