Panda offers in Saudi Arabia for this week under the slogan “Prices have increased and decreased”. Shop now and seize your chance

Today’s Panda offers we present to you through our website, as the Saudi Panda markets are considered one of the most well-known markets in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which is characterized by a large customer base from all over the Kingdom, because the various Panda branches offer discounts on the prices of all goods and products in them permanently, which It saves the housewife the burden of searching for the products offered in more than one store, and therefore through the following lines we will learn about Hyper Panda offers today in Saudi Arabia during the second third of May 2023.

Today’s item offers

Panda offers for this week that we are reviewing with you on detergents and beauty products, as it is one of the most important requirements of many women and it is bought continuously, and therefore the Panda store presented a distinguished group of offers on this type of product, which we can learn about Panda offers for this week through the following:

  • Panda offers discounts on shampoo prices, where you can buy two packages of Clear shampoo 400 ml at a price of 19.95 Saudi riyals.
  • You can also buy two packages of Pantene shampoo, 400 ml, at a price of 95 Saudi riyals, which is part of the weekly Hyper Panda offers.
  • You can also buy Signal toothpaste, 120 ml, two packs, at 7.95 SAR instead of 15.90 SAR.
  • Today, Hyper Panda offers discounts on lotion prices, where you can buy two bottles of Nivea body lotion 625 ml per bottle, at a price of 95 Saudi riyals.
  • You can also buy Luxe body wash 700 ml two packages at 55.95 Saudi riyals.
  • Buy Bigen hair dye without ammonia, 80 grams, two packages, at 21.95 Saudi riyals.
  • You can also buy the original, pure Vaseline Jelly for the skin, 250 ml, at a price of 10.95 Saudi riyals, which is the most prominent current Saudi Panda offers.

Panda Weekly Offers Magazine

Hyper Panda offers for this week

Searching for offers is the task of every housewife after the prices of various types of products have risen. Therefore, the Saudi Panda store is keen every new month to offer a huge range of discounts on various commodities, which include basic commodities such as rice, sugar, oil, ghee, butter, and fresh products such as vegetables and fruits.

In addition to providing weekly Panda offers on frozen goods such as meat, fish, poultry and frozen company products, in addition to providing some temporary offers on natural drinks such as juices, soft drinks, nuts, sweets, pastries and many other discounts, and thus we have provided you with Panda weekly newsletter offers.

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