The rise in meat prices today, Saturday 5-13-2023, in Dakahlia

The rise in meat prices today, Saturday 5-13-2023, in Dakahlia
The rise in meat prices today, Saturday 5-13-2023, in Dakahlia

Meat prices rose today, Saturday, in the cities and centers of Dakahlia Governorate, and “Veto” monitors the prices of meat in sales outlets and butcher shops.

Vito provides food commodity prices in response to the desire of its followers to be keen to search for food commodity prices

Meat prices are as follows:

Lamb meat ranges between 280-360 pounds

A kilo of minced meat ranges between 220-300 pounds

Camel meat ranges between 170-220 pounds per kilo

Meat prices in Dakahlia

Beef between 290 and 320 pounds

Lamb liver 250-350 pounds

Baladi sausage from 180 to 220 pounds

The price of a kilo of kebab in Hilla ranges between 200-270 pounds per kilo

The price of a kilo of municipal meat in butcher shops in Mansoura ranged from 300 to 350 pounds.

Sudanese meat
And the Minister of Supply and Internal Trade announced, in his statements, that the Egyptian Company for Meat and Poultry increased the pumping of fresh Sudanese meat in consumer complexes by approximately 120 tons per day.

Its price ranges from 190 pounds to 220 pounds per kilo, and the Dakahlia governorate is expanding in opening these outlets on the widest scale in the governorate.

Muhammad Wahba, head of the butchers division in the Federation of Chambers of Commerce, said that the rise in feed prices will greatly affect the prices of meat of all kinds in the market, pointing out that the feed is relied upon in fattening operations for calves and poultry on farms.

High meat prices
Wahba explained, in exclusive statements to “Veto”, that meat prices will witness a rise of 5% during the coming period, in conjunction with the rise in feed prices in the markets, at a time when the markets are witnessing a state of stagnation and the decline in purchase rates significantly, stressing that As long as there is an increase in feed prices, we will see continuous increases in meat.

Sudanese Live Meat Reserve
Dr. Ali Al-Moselhi, Minister of Supply and Internal Trade, said that we have a reserve of Sudanese live meat sufficient for a year.

“We have a strategic reserve of frozen poultry sufficient for 7 months,” he said.

Poultry and meat prices move
The Minister of Supply confirmed that the prices of meat and poultry are likely to increase due to the high prices of fodder.

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