Al-Arabawi crowned the precious cup

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Al-Arabawi crowned the precious cup

May 13, 2023, 07:00am

Abdel Nasser Al-Bar

Al-Arabi team was crowned the Prince’s Football Cup championship for the ninth time in its history, after defeating Al-Sadd with a score (3-0) in the final match that was held yesterday at Ahmed Bin Ali Al-Mondial Stadium, and the goals of the match were scored by Syrian striker Omar Al-Soma in the minute (D62 and D90+). 8) And Hamed Ismail in the minute (90th d) of the second half, and the Al-Arabi team regained its lost glories last night by returning to the podiums after a 30-year absence from the last cup that Al-Arabi achieved in the 1993 final against Al-Sadd, and it was a coincidence that Al-Arabi returned to the front again and in front of Al-Sadd.

Arabian opportunity

Al-Arabi team threatened the Al-Sadd net early in the minute (D10) of the first half, and Al-Somah or Al-Masakni almost opened the score for Al-Arabi, and Al-Masakni received a goal ball from the player Rafinha, but a misunderstanding occurred between the players, so Al-Somah fell and the ball was lost to Al-Masakni, who thought that his colleague had hit the ball.

Ali is a lost lion

Al-Sadd missed the opportunity for a real goal in the minute (D30) of the first half, and Al-Zaeem player Ali Asad was alone with Al-Arabi goalkeeper Jassem Al-Hail face to face after Tabata surprised Al-Arabi defender, so the ball passed to his colleague, but the acumen of goalkeeper Al-Hail made him block Ali Asad’s shot and hold it, missing the opportunity for the first goal against Al-Sadd. Amidst the bewilderment and heartbreak of the leader’s fans.

Al Somah blows up the stands

A quarter of an hour after the start of the second half, specifically in the minute (D62), the Al-Arabi team was able to open the score by attacking the sniper Omar Al-Soma with a deceptive and powerful header that hit the net of goalkeeper Saad Al-Shaib, and the player Hamed Ismail distributed a long cross ball that found Al-Soma’s header, which he put in the net exploding the stands Al-Arabi Club amidst the astonishment of the Al-Sadd players.

Players enter under the chants

Al-Arabi and Al-Sadd players entered under the chants and encouragements of the fans of the two teams, at the moment of descending to the ground of Ahmed bin Ali Al-Mondial Square in order to conduct the warm-up movements, and the Al-Arabi and Al-Sadd players interacted with encouragements and songs, and the fans exchanged greetings and applause, and the players went through warm-up exercises in a more than wonderful atmosphere and encouragements Great stands.

Latin masses

As was expected, the Al-Sadawi and Al-Arabawi fans were strongly present yesterday at the Ahmed bin Ali Al-Mondial Stadium, where they answered the call and attended in large numbers to support the players to win the final and crown the precious title, and the fans of Al-Zaeem and Al-Arabi created a very large atmosphere in the stands and they were really the number twelve player, as he They strongly encouraged their fellow players and created an atmosphere similar to the one we are used to seeing in the Latin stadiums, amid great interaction with the offensive chances created by the two teams. In addition, Al Sadd fans brought giant banners that were specially designed for the precious final, and wrote the phrases “The Leader’s Fans” and “We Are” Foxes.

Al-Ruwaili ably leads the final

The refereeing team for the Emir’s Cup final match, led by our national referee Abd al-Hadi al-Ruwaili, succeeded in leading the final match ably. Munisa did not touch Baghdad Bounedjah, and indeed Al-Ruwaili canceled the penalty kick after watching the video.


Hamed and Somah make the dream come true

While the match was taking its last breath, and the Al-Arabi team was under great pressure under the rapid attacks of the Al-Sadd team, which was looking for a tie, substitute Hamid Ismail managed to double the score for the Al-Arabi team in the minute (D90) of the second half, and the Al-Arabi player received a decisive pass from Rafinha to go straight Al-Sadd area and puts the ball into the net of Saad Al-Sheeb, scoring the second goal, and in extra time, Al-Somah scored the third goal per minute (D90 + 8).

Talabat is present

Before the start of the Al-Arabi and Al-Sadd match in the Prince’s Cup final, a small red car came from the company “Talabat”, which is well-known in the service sector for delivering needs. Abdul Hadi Al-Ruwaili gives the kick-off, in a beautiful shot that we are not used to in our stadiums or tournaments before.

Names and numbers in Arabic

The Competitions Department of the Football Association decided to adopt the names and numbers of the players in the Arabic language in the final round of the Prince’s Football Championship, in a precedent for the most expensive tournaments. Yesterday, Al-Sadd and Al-Arabi players appeared in the final, bearing their names and numbers in Arabic, a decision that was approved by all the fans and media who were in the stadium. For reference, the Football Association has the right to use the Arabic or English language in its tournaments that it supervises, as the law authorizes it according to the laws of the Continental Federation.