This clip has been circulating since 2015 in Brazil and does not show the collapse of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam

These scenes are of a collapse at a power station in Brazil, not at the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam

Led a search for one of the still clip scenes in the Google engine,

To the same allegation scenes posted by a YouTube user on October 09, 2015 in a longer clip with higher quality,

In its description it shows a landslide that occurred on October 08, 2015 at the UHE SINOP hydroelectric power station in Brazil.

By continuing the research in these details, we come across many Brazilian local sources that had published scenes of the prosecution in the same context.

According to the sources, this clip shows the collapse of part of the works of a hydroelectric power station in the municipality of Sinop, 503 kilometers from Cuiaba.

The accident occurred due to the collapse of a slope next to the assembly area of ​​the construction site due to the heavy rains recorded in the area, according to the company.

While one of the company’s officials told local sources that the video was taken by one of the factory employees, adding that no one was hurt.

On the other hand, by scrutinizing the scenes of the claim in circulation with high quality,

Several cautionary phrases can be noted in Portuguese – the official language of Brazil -.

Among them are “Gestão da Segurança, Security Department” and “ATENÇÃO Acesso INTERDITADO, No Entry Warning”.

Composite screenshots of prosecution scenes showing signage in Portuguese

Moreover, the company had published several pictures on its YouTube channel showing a side of the construction work at the station over the years.

While one of the scenes captured in 2015 shows similarities to the prosecution’s scenes, as shown here:

Claims scenes – on the right – compared to scenes published by the company of construction work at the station in 2015

This confirms that these scenes were taken in Brazil and do not show the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam.

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Fatabyano assessment: Based on the above, the Fatabyyano platform decided to classify the claim as misleading, because it used an old clip outside its original context in order to promote incorrect news.