The Minister of Irrigation discusses arrangements for Cairo Water Week

The Minister of Irrigation discusses arrangements for Cairo Water Week
The Minister of Irrigation discusses arrangements for Cairo Water Week

Written by Asmaa Nassar

Saturday, May 13, 2023 09:25 AM

Dr. Hani Sweilem, Minister of Water Resources and Irrigation, held a meeting with Eng. Walid Haqiqi, Head of the Planning Sector, to follow up on the ongoing arrangements to prepare for holding the Sixth Cairo Water Week, which is to be held under the title “Work on Adaptation in the Water Sector for Sustainability” during the period from October 29 to November 2. Under the auspices of President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi.

Swailem said that the Sixth Cairo Water Week comes as a continuation of the success achieved during the Fifth Cairo Water Week, which was held last year under the title “Water is at the Heart of Climate Action,” explaining that the Fifth Cairo Water Week was held as a preparatory event for the water events that were held at the last climate conference. COP27, and the Sixth Cairo Water Week will be held prior to the COP28 climate conference in the United Arab Emirates, where the results and recommendations of the Sixth Cairo Water Week will be presented for presentation and discussion during the activities of the COP28 conference.

He added that the successful Egyptian efforts in these important international events (Cairo Water Weeks and climate conferences) come in light of Egypt’s keenness to highlight water issues and climate change in all regional and international forums, noting that Egypt is currently coordinating with the United Arab Emirates (which will host the conference). The Next Climate) to emphasize the need to continue highlighting the strong interdependence between water and climate at the global level.

He explained that the sixth Cairo Water Week aims to integrate water issues within climate action, discuss the effects of climate change on the water sector, enhance reliance on modern technology and innovations to meet water challenges in unconventional ways, work to support and implement integrated water management policies, and reach sustainable solutions for managing water resources. To confront population increase and climate change, the week will include many high-level sessions, technical sessions and workshops, as well as presentations and contributions from prominent international speakers.

The Sixth Cairo Water Week also includes a “scientific conference for the week”, which includes many technical activities, where scientific research is received from researchers in Egyptian universities and research centers to be presented in (5) technical sessions specialized in the axes (green water for restoring freshwater ecosystems and adaptation). With climate changes – Cooperation in mitigation and adaptation options with climate changes on the scale of river basins – Supporting common benefits between adaptation measures in the water management sector and achieving economic growth – Improving early warning systems for extreme weather events (drought / flood) – Supporting the integration of water resources policies with National vision for sustainable development).

The door for submitting abstracts of scientific research, which falls within the scope of the conference axes, was opened. The scientific committee formed to evaluate these research includes specialists from national research centers and Egyptian universities and representatives of international organizations and universities.

Also, (4) competitions will be held during the week, which are the Best Agricultural Practices Competition for Water Conservation, the “Three-Minute Dissertation” Competition, which is submitted by MA and PhD students from the faculties of Engineering, Science and Agriculture from Egyptian universities, and the “Young Innovators in the Water” competition, which will be held STEM students, and the “Best Graduation Project” competition.

An exhibition will also be organized in parallel with the activities of the week, which will provide a unique opportunity for all public and private institutions working in the water sector to present their programs, products and innovations in various fields such as water desalination, renewable energy and water technology.