Why will the war of assassinations not succeed in weakening the Islamic Jihad? Abdel Bari Atwan

Why will the war of assassinations not succeed in weakening the Islamic Jihad? Abdel Bari Atwan
Why will the war of assassinations not succeed in weakening the Islamic Jihad? Abdel Bari Atwan

After the assassination of the martyr Ali Hassan Abu Ghali, in charge of the missile sector and a member of the military council in the “Islamic Jihad” movement, and the “Quds Brigades” its military wing, and two days after the assassination of three of its field commanders, it became clear that the government of Benjamin Netanyahu is waging the current war in the hope of eliminating it completely. This movement, which is “small” in number and “large” in strength, is the one that has been firing barrages of missiles since the beginning of the battle, and its men are the ones who fall as martyrs, but the results will be earthshaking for the occupation, its army and its leadership.
When Muhammad al-Hindi, in charge of the political department in the movement, goes to Cairo at the official invitation of the Egyptian government, which is playing a mediating role in the hope of reaching a truce and stopping the firing of rockets, this confirms what we mentioned previously, that is, his movement is the target so far, but this does not negate the fact that Its firing of more than 600 missiles at the Israeli settlements in Sderot, Ashdod, and Ashkelon so far came within the framework of the distribution of roles between the factions of the Joint Operations Room, and we do not rule out that the “Hamas” movement, which gave the green light to the “Jihad” movement to assume the task of responding, “saves” its strength For the biggest confrontation, which may erupt next week, if the settlers, with the protection of the army, organize a flag march in occupied Jerusalem.

The success of the steadfastness of the “Jihad” movement on the battlefields, and its adherence to its three main conditions of not stopping the firing of rockets without meeting them (the occupying state), a complete cessation of Israeli assassinations in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank, the handover of the body of the martyr Khader Adnan, and the cancellation of the flag march and the invasions of Al-Aqsa Mosque and its courtyards, this initial success confirms It is the decision maker to stop this war and formulate the terms of any armistice agreement.
If the bet of the Israeli army behind this attack was to weaken the “Islamic Jihad” movement and paralyze its movement, reduce its deterrence force, and terrorize it, then this bet is lost, because the movement is proving day after day that it is still strong, and that its arsenal of missiles is much larger than what Israeli military experts believe him, and willpower is at its peak.
The source of the strength of the resistance factions in the Gaza Strip is the prolongation of the war, because the occupying state, after the flight of tens of thousands of settlers around the Gaza Strip to the north, and the refuge of tens, perhaps hundreds of thousands of others, to shelters, including ministers, and the almost complete disruption of air navigation, cannot live In light of these developments, and it is the country that claims to be the strongest in the Middle East region, the faction leaders and their representatives in the joint command room must be fully aware of this fact.
The more dangerous thing is that the longer this war lasts, and it seems that it will be prolonged, the pressure will increase on the “Hamas” movement to throw all its weight in it, along with the “Islamic Jihad” movement and its military arm, and to close the doors to all Arab mediators. High accuracy, in addition to the presence of new drones and weapons, may shock Netanyahu and his family.
The assassination of the martyr Ali Hassan Ghali and his colleagues by a missile strike on their apartment in the city of Khan Yunis came as an insult to these Arab mediators, especially the Egyptian state that is at the forefront of this task, and an additional confirmation of the occupying state’s failure to respect all its pledges to it, that is, Egypt, in previous mediations, to stop assassinations .
We do not know the validity of the Israeli leaks, which say that stopping the manufacture of rockets in the Gaza Strip is one of Netanyahu’s most important conditions for a ceasefire and a truce, but it is a desperate attempt and miserable conditions, and merely offering them will lead to an expansion of the fighting and the firing of thousands, not hundreds, of rockets per day. the next few.
The continuation of this confrontation, and its entry into the fourth day, is a defeat for the Israeli occupation state, and a strong blow to the Netanyahu government whose effects and dimensions will appear a few days after any agreement to stop the rocket fire from the Gaza Strip.
What Netanyahu does not realize is that the manufacture and development of missiles will never stop. Rather, this industry and technology may move to the West Bank, and sooner than the military leadership of the occupying power expects.
The unity of the arenas and fronts has been established, and now it is the turn of the unit of arms, missiles and drones in particular, and time proves that after each military round, Israeli terror worsens, and its deterrent capabilities erode, in favor of the development of its counterpart in the Palestinian resistance.
In short, the rockets of the Gaza Strip “disciplined” Netanyahu and the occupation army that he leads, and we will hear his howl of pain in the next few days. Biden begging for intervention to stop the rocket fire during the “Saif al-Quds” battle, the second anniversary of which we live, he will run to him again in the coming days, begging for his intervention with the Arab mediators to stop the rockets.
I believe that the scene of chaos at Kabul Airport is imminently being repeated at Lod Airport (Ben Gurion)…and the days are between us.