Iraq adds 10 billion barrels to oil reserves

Mubasher: The Iraqi Deputy Prime Minister for Energy Affairs and the Iraqi Oil Minister, Hayan Abdul Ghani, announced today, Friday, the addition of 10 billion barrels to the country’s oil reserves.

Abdul-Ghani said – during the inauguration of the pilot water injection project in the Majnoon oil field north of Basra, according to a statement reported by the Iraqi News Agency (INA) – today, Friday, that the project capacity is 80 thousand barrels per day, and the river water is used for injection and temporary treatment of four main wells. In different reservoirs such as Al-Zubair, Al-Mushrif and Al-Hartha, indicating that the project will contribute to sustaining and increasing oil production from the field.

He added that the minister laid the foundation stone for the second gas isolation plant project with a capacity of 120,000 barrels per day in the Majnoon field, and contributes to adding units to treat wet oil for the purpose of improving oil specifications and exploiting the energy available for the field.

The minister also inspected the site of the central gas isolation station project in the Majnoon oil field, which aims to escalate production capacity to (400) thousand barrels per day, as the completion rate of the project reached 96%.

The Iraqi Oil Minister pointed out the importance of the field management agreement with the Oil Exploration Company to conduct a three-dimensional seismic survey of the “Al-Hartha, Al-Zubayr, Mishref” sites, which, after analyzing the data, contributed to the addition of 10 billion barrels to the proven oil reserves and 8 trillion of gas.