It may cause death.. Heart palpitations, these are its causes and dangers

It may cause death.. Heart palpitations, these are its causes and dangers
It may cause death.. Heart palpitations, these are its causes and dangers
“Heart palpitations” or “acceleration of its beats” can be considered among the normal things that sometimes occur in the heart. Most of the time, the cause of this palpitation is stress or some other reason, and it is usually not dangerous, but if this palpitation is accompanied by specific symptoms, it may be serious and requires emergency medical attention.

Causes of heart palpitations
Heart palpitations is the feeling of an unusually fast heartbeat, or you may also feel throbbing in your chest, throat or neck.

Palpitations can occur at any time, even if you are resting or doing normal activities.

Although it may be a little terrifying, palpitations are usually not dangerous or harmful, however, they can sometimes be linked to abnormal heart rhythms that need medical attention.

Heart palpitations are more common in women, but anyone can experience them. People can also experience heart palpitations at different times of their lives, whether in adolescence, during pregnancy or during menopause, for example.

As for its causes, according to the American Cleveland Clinic Center:

Heart palpitations due to anxiety: Heart palpitations can be part of your body’s reaction to feelings of anxiety or panic.
Heart palpitations after eating: Spicy or rich foods can cause heart palpitations, as can beverages containing caffeine or alcohol.
Heart palpitations at night: It is similar to palpitations during the day, but a person may notice it more at night, because he is not busy or distracted.
Heart palpitations when lying down: Sleeping on your side may increase the pressure in your body, which can lead to heart palpitations.
Heart palpitations during pregnancy: When you are pregnant, your heart rate increases and the amount of blood circulating in your body increases to support your baby. It is common for pregnant women to experience heart palpitations, and it is usually harmless. You can ask your provider for medication that can be taken safely during pregnancy.

Symptoms of heart palpitations
According to the Mayo Clinic, heart palpitations make it feel like your heart:
Pulsing very fast
flutters quickly
His blows accelerate

Heart palpitations can also be felt in the throat, neck, and chest, and may occur during activities or while resting.

How long does heart palpitations last, and when is it considered dangerous?
Heart palpitations usually do not last for long, usually for a few seconds, but heart palpitations that last for more than 30 seconds should consult your healthcare provider immediately.

If the heart palpitations are accompanied by the following symptoms:
Severe chest pain, shortness of breath, unusual sweating, loss of consciousness, severe dizziness, and it is considered a medical emergency that calls for an ambulance, according to the British medical website Healthxchange.

It is also important to consult a doctor without delay if you suffer from previous heart diseases or a family history of sudden death. (Arab Post)