Watch a man performing ablution in the midst of the ruins during the looting of the most famous market in Khartoum

In a touching scene, a man sat performing ablution while looting and theft destroyed one of the most famous markets in Khartoum.
While these footage spread like wildfire among the Sudanese on the communication sites, who praised the noble morals of this man.
The calm-looking man was preoccupied with pouring water from a bottle in front of him with a great knife to perform ablution, while the looting was burning behind him.

One of the commentators on the influential clip said, “The forbidden remains forbidden, even if everyone does it. Do not give up your principles and leave them behind, for you will be held accountable alone.
While another writer commented on Facebook, “While everyone was robbing shoe stores in the Libyan market, he was alone performing ablution to perform the obligatory prayer. Just as this land grows flowers among thorns, thousands like you will grow as pillars of a homeland that we dream of every day.”
It is noteworthy that the “Libya Market”, the scene of these horrific thefts, is located on the outskirts of the city of Omdurman, in the western direction of Khartoum, and is considered one of the most famous and largest markets in Khartoum and Sudan as a whole.
It is also the main market for commercial goods such as textiles, shoes, electrical appliances, furniture, food, and beverages, in addition to real estate, vehicles and spare parts.
Also, regiments of land travelers depart from it by buses to the various cities of Sudan.

Source: Al Arabiya Net