What is the “zero gravity” position for better sleep that NASA uses? – homeland

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homeland-Most of the time, health problems and snoring affect sleep, which would cause a person to suffer from disorders that reduce the quality of his sleep and disturb his rest at night, but, NASA has tried, to find better sleep solutions.

It’s no secret that getting a good night’s sleep is essential to staying healthy, and if some people like to sleep on their back, others prefer lying on one side or even on their stomach. But is there really a better way to sleep than any other? In fact, this is what was reached by American experts, who confirmed that the “zero gravity” position helps sleep very well, according to a report by the French magazine “Fem Actial”.

Sleep on one side

Which Zero Gravity Mode Helps You Sleep Better?

According to the translationhomelandThe zero gravity way to sleep better was developed by NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration). You don’t have to go to space to sleep better, however, you can adopt the “zero gravity” position by lying on your back and raising your head and feet slightly above the level of your heart. Thus, the body can be maintained at an angle of approximately 120 degrees, which helps relieve pressure at the level of this organ.

Concretely, this position is similar to the position one would be in in a reclining chair with backrest and feet raised. To try this out, Dr. Chris Winter, a neurologist and sleep expert, recommends placing a pillow at the level of your legs, ideally under your knees, and then another behind your neck. If this position makes it possible to relax the body and make it more comfortable to sleep, it also has many health benefits.

Zero Gravity: What are its benefits for sleep?

“Being in a weightless position tends to be better orthotic and easier on your hips and shoulders than sleeping on your knuckles,” said Dr. Chris Went. According to him, these beneficial effects can be seen throughout the body, including the digestive system. And he reported: “In the lying position, the acid flows out of the stomach because the stomach and esophagus are in a horizontal shape, and when your head tilts up, gravity keeps the stomach contents in the stomach.”

So the “zero gravity” mode would be ideal for people who suffer from acid reflux, as it will reduce it. It may also help control snoring and relieve leg swelling. For Dr. Chris Winter, that’s all good. However, there is one downside, this method can sometimes limit movement and prevent turning to one side. Aside from that, it should allow you to sleep like a baby!