Export for the Chemical Industries: 4% expected growth for the detergent market annually…and $844 million in exports in 2022


The Chemical and Fertilizers Export Council revealed that the detergent market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of more than 4% over the next five years.

Today, the Council participated as a strategic sponsor in the opening of the EgyBeauty and EgyClean Expo (the international exhibition for cosmetics, perfumes, detergents, chemicals, and packaging materials) in its fourth session, from May 13-15, 2023, at the Egypt International Exhibition Center.

Khaled Abu Al-Makarem, Chairman of the Council, emphasized the high production capacities of the detergents and disinfectants sector with high added value.

He pointed to the importance of “the sector with its various products and the industries associated with it, including packaging and packaging, as it is characterized by a high demand for it, for the real contact of the sector’s products with the daily life of the citizen, which was evident during the Corona virus pandemic.”

The detergent sector contributes $3.5 billion to industrial output in 2022

For his part, Mohamed Majeed, Executive Director of the Council, said that the number of official companies operating in the sector for the year 2022 reached about 927 establishments with a capital of $3.6 billion, with a total industrial output from the sector of about $3.49 billion for the year 2022.

He indicated that Egypt’s exports of detergents increased to about $844.17 million during 2022, achieving a growth rate of about 24% compared to 2021.

Majeed added that Egypt exports detergents to no less than 117 countries around the world, and (Saudi Arabia, Libya, Kenya, Turkey, UAE, Tunisia, Sudan, Lebanon, Ethiopia, Morocco, Kuwait, Djibouti, Jordan, America) are among the most receiving countries. sector exports.

He stated that the Council’s participation as a strategic sponsor of the exhibition was keen to provide a platform for the sector’s companies to display their participation in the Egy Beauty and Egy Clean Expo, the international exhibition for cosmetics, perfumes, detergents, chemicals and packaging materials.

Many sectors participate in the exhibition, including: personal detergents – air fresheners – chemical raw materials – paper napkins – dishwashing detergents – disinfectants – floor cleaners – packaging materials.

About 150 exhibiting companies and about 13 foreign countries will also participate in the exhibition, including: Kenya – Turkey – India – UAE – Italy, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, Pakistan, Korea, France, Italy, Bulgaria, America, China and South Africa.

In addition to commercial visitors from importers, distributors, agents, owners of beauty salons, perfume shops, and dealers in detergents and chemicals.