The collapse of the accused of killing his cousin inside the mosque in Kafr El-Sheikh in front of the court: “I did not intend to kill him, and I sealed the Qur’an on his soul.”

A short time ago, the first session of the trial of the accused of killing his cousin during his ablution to perform the prayer began in the estate of Sheikha Aisha in the village of Sanhour Al-Madina in the Desouk Center in Kafr El-Sheikh Governorate, in the Fouh Criminal Court, the third circuit, where the accused appeared inside the dock, who asked to speak before the court, For the court to summon him to appear before it.

The accused during his court session

The accused of killing his cousin collapsed and cried inside the mosque in front of the court in Kafr El-Sheikh

The accused spoke in his confessions before the court, that the victim was like a brother to him, and that he did not intend to kill him, and that he had recited the Holy Qur’an for him 5 times during the month of Ramadan, and this was interspersed with the accused crying while he was speaking before the court.

After the accused finished speaking before the court, he sat amidst security guards inside the courtroom, and throughout the pleading of the victim’s lawyer as well as his lawyer, the defendant continued to cry while his features appeared sad, as the accused appeared wearing white clothes that consisted of “pants and a half-sleeved white T-shirt.” , beard and mustache.

The accused during his court session

Refer the accused to trial

Today, the Fouh Criminal Court, Third Circuit, in Kafr El-Sheikh Governorate, presided over by Counselor Muhammad Hussein Al-Murr, President of the Court and the Third Circuit, is considering the first session of the trial of a person accused of killing his cousin in Sheikha Aisha’s estate in the village of Sanhour Al-Madina in the Desouk Center in Kafr El-Sheikh Governorate. Due to disputes between them over agricultural land in July of last year, and that was inside the mosque while he was performing ablution in preparation for performing the Maghrib prayer, in the case bearing No. 10734 of 2022 Desouk Center Misdemeanor and registered with No. 3055 of 2022 in Kafr El-Sheikh.

Counselor Saud Muhammad Naguib, the attorney general of the Kafr El-Sheikh Public Prosecution, had referred “E.K.S.Z.,” 33 years old, resident of Jamajoun, Desouk Center, Kafr El-Sheikh Governorate, to trial. to bring him to trial for the accusation against him.

The accused during his court session

And it became clear from the order to refer the accused to the Fouh Criminal Court that on 04/07/2022 in the Disouq Center District in Kafr El-Sheikh Governorate, he killed the victim, “M.A.Z.,” intentionally, with premeditation that he intended to kill him, and prepared a white weapon for that ( pocketknife), and went to where he was certain that he was inside the mosque, the place of the incident, and as soon as he got hold of him, he dealt several blows to him with his white weapon, one of which settled in the chest area, and he inflicted the injury described in the report of the Forensic Medicine Authority, which claimed his life, intending to take his life as shown in the investigations, and he also obtained a weapon White – penknife – without legal justification.

The beginning of that incident dates back to when the security services in Kafr El-Sheikh Governorate received a report stating that a 35-year-old named “Mimi.M.A.”, a farmer, who resides in Sheikha Aisha’s estate in the village of Sanhour Al-Madina in the Desouk Center, arrived dead at Desouk General Hospital.

The accused during his court session

With the transfer of the security services, and by asking the victim’s eligibility, they reported that there had been a previous dispute 24 hours before the incident, between the victim and a family member called “Ibrahim.K.Z”, 36 years old, where the accused stabbed the victim with a white weapon (knife), during His ablution in preparation for the Maghrib prayer on the day of the incident.

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