Town Gas launches an awareness campaign for customers about the uses of natural gas

Town Gas launches an awareness campaign for customers about the uses of natural gas
Town Gas launches an awareness campaign for customers about the uses of natural gas

Town Gas Company implemented an awareness campaign about the uses of natural gas and to identify the requirements of customers. Today, it made free inspections to respond to all inquiries of customers inside the residence, within the framework of a plan developed by the company’s management for this purpose.

This comes within the framework of the directives of His Excellency Eng. Tarek El Molla, Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources, to provide distinguished services to clients.
This is done under the leadership of Eng. Mohamed Fathy, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the company, where the work performance of Town Gas has developed and this has been translated into what has been achieved in total revenues that exceeded 3.2 billion pounds and a net profit that exceeded 72 million pounds in 2022, in a precedent that is the first of its kind.

Where the company witnessed a remarkable development in increasing gas delivery rates to all customers, and a comprehensive development of the customer service system, providing services in a one-stop system, and using modern technologies to complete all procedures by launching the first digital customer service.

Eng confirmed Tariq Al Mulla The Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources stated that the expansion of the supply of natural gas arteries that has taken place in recent years and the facilitation of citizens through the initiative to install the cost of delivering natural gas to units without a down payment in the areas that the project enters for the first time, had the greatest impact in increasing the number of beneficiaries of this civilized service and achieved an expansion Notable, whether in the ancient urban range, with its population densities, or in the new cities.

He pointed out that this has a great return, whether by providing a sustainable source of fuel or by reducing the burden on the state’s general budget, which subsidizes what is imported of butane, which would have increased had it not been for the expansion of natural gas delivery projects.

During the meeting of the General Assembly of the Egyptian Company for the Distribution of Natural Gas to Cities (Town Gas) to approve the results of its work during the year 2022, the minister pointed out that the work on the project to deliver natural gas to bakeries, as well as the expansion of converting and replacing cars to work with natural gas as fuel, and the leaps achieved in delivery rates for bakeries and converting Cars contribute strongly to supporting the integrated system of the ministry’s strategy in reducing the quantities that are imported of diesel and gasoline, pointing to what has been achieved in meeting the needs of the industrial sector and electricity from natural gas and stability in the supply of all sectors with their fuel needs, and he praised the role of Town Gas as one of the main arms in the business Connecting natural gas, and the growing volume of its work and its reflection on its results, adding that the cadres working in these projects succeeded in providing connection work and working to improve maneuvering and efficiency of networks, control stations, pressure reduction units, and all means of securing and security of networks and customer satisfaction, which is an integration that the ministry’s strategy operates in and takes into account For the sake of continuous training, refining the expertise of these cadres, and providing all technical and digital solutions, security and safety required to achieve sustainability, which entails achieving the goals of meeting market needs and setting out to work abroad.

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