Urgent: New appointments and dismissals in the accredited corps.

In the latest issue of the Official Gazette of the Republic of Tunisia, on Friday, May 12, 2023, decisions were issued by the Minister of the Interior related to naming two general clerks for mandates, terminating their duties as accredited persons, transferring others, accepting resignations, and naming first accredited persons.

Assigning two accredited and first accredited persons

– Mourad Hajj Omar, first commissioner in the state of Nabeul

– Ali El-Lani, senior accredited in the governorate of Gabes

– Ihab El-Hajji, certified in the delegation of Bir-Macharga, Zaghouan governorate

– Samir Mars, with accredited duties in the delegation of Oum Al-Araes, Gafsa Province

– Mohamed Benamar, Delegation of Southern Medenine, Governorate of Medenine.

– Lotfi Mabrouki, Delegation of Southern Sfax, Sfax Governorate.

Najib Aidi, Delegation of El Baradaa, Mahdia Province.

– Omar Abdel Hanin, Delegation of Bouargoub, Nabeul Province.

– Omar Salmi, Delegation of Southern Siliana, Siliana Province.

Mahrez Zairi, Delegation of Zohour, Kasserine Province

Sonia Jendoubi, Delegation of Manouba, Governorate of Manouba.

– Bilal Al-Ghanjati, Delegation of Nabr, Kef Province.

– Fawzi Nasr, Delegation of Regueb, Sidi Bouzid Province.

Mostafa Latifi, delegation of Degache, Tozeur governorate.

– Mohamed Abdel Salam Dahmani in the southern delegation of Douz, Kebili governorate.

– Abdelaziz Rouissi, Delegation of El Hamma, Gabes Province.

– Ayman Ghribi, Delegation of Mahres, Sfax Governorate.

– Ayman Al-Nafati, Delegation of Zarmdin, Monastir Province.

Sawsan Dou, Delegation of Beni Hassan, Monastir Province.

Nader Nassibi, Delegation of Belkhair, Gafsa Province

– Hossam Abdelmoumen, Delegation of Sakiet Sidi Youssef, Kef Province.

Slim Mansour, Delegation of Hamma El Djerid, Tozeur Province.

– Choukri El Kashbati, Delegation of Ksour El Saf, Mahdia Province.

commissioned termination

– Atef Almassi, Senior Commissioner in Ariana

– Shaima Nafti, Senior Certified, in the state of Manouba

– Ziad Al-Harbi, first commissioner in the governorate of Gabes

– Mohamed Faysal Tiljani, Commissioner of Southern Medenine, Governorate of Medenine.

-Mohamed Shukri Al-Balti, Commissioner of Rowad in the state of Ariana.

– Al-Zahani Mansouri, accredited in the delegation of Nafza, Beja Province

– Mohamed Al-Fandari, commissioner of Sidi Al-Bashir, Tunis governorate.

– Mohamed El Hadi El Obeidi, Commissioner of Jabal El Jaloud, Governorate of Tunis.

– El Moez Bedjaoui, commissioner of Rades, Ben Arous governorate.

Reda Rahimi, commissioner of El Kreib, Siliana governorate.

Haitham Massoud, Commissioner of Western Gabes, Gabes Province.

– Hammadi Adib, commissioner of Skhira, Sfax governorate.

– Hedi Yousfi is certified in the delegation of Mdhila, Gafsa Province.

Reda Mohamedi is certified in the delegation of South Kairouan, Kairouan Province

Azzedine Khelifi, commissioner of Wardanine, Monastir governorate.

Hossam El Karimi, Commissioner of the Governor of Bizerte.

– Samir Yousfi, Delegation of Amrane, Governorate of Tunis,

Amal Hawalli, Delegation of El-Battan, wilaya of Manouba

– Fathi Mannai, delegation of Boumhel El Bassatine, Ben Arous governorate

Ibtissam Hamri, Delegation of Ghazala, Wilaya of Bizerte,

Ali Betbout, Delegation of Tinga, Bizerte Governorate

Houssem El Karimi, delegation of Mater, wilaya of Bizerte,

Malek Nasri, Delegation of Nafza, Beja Province,

– Bouzid Saidi, delegation of Hassi El Farid, Kasserine governorate,

– Mounir Salemi, Delegation of Kendar, Sousse Province,

Wafaa Soumri, Delegation of El Haouaria, Nabeul Governorate

Awatef Ben Ayed, Delegation of Kelibia, Nabeul Province.

Certified transfer

– Abdessalam Bouaziz, commissioner of Southern Douz, governorate of Kebili, to delegation of Zarzis, governorate of Medenine

Azzedine Khlifi, commissioner of Zarzis, governorate of Medenine, to the delegation of Ouardanine, governorate of Monastir.

– Fahmy Ben Amer, delegate of Zarmdine, governorate of Monastir to the delegation of Marsa, governorate of Tunis.

– Mahmoud Malala, commissioner of Southern Siliana, Siliana Province, Delegate of Tebourba, Manouba Province

Bilal Marzouk, commissioner of El Haouaria, governorate of Nabeul, to the delegation of Rouad, governorate of Ariana

– Mohamed Fathi Zoghlami, commissioner of Bouargoub, governorate of Nabeul to the delegation of Medina, governorate of Tunis

– Asmaa El-Omari, accredited in Bir Masharga, Zaghouan Governorate, to the Zaghouan Governorate Center.

Mona El-Akrami is accredited in the center of Zaghouan to the delegation of Jabal El-Jeloud, Tunisia.

Zine El Abidine Thaouadi, commissioner of Zaghouan, governorate of Zaghouan, to the delegation of Sejnane, governorate of Bizerte.

– Ali Hamdouni, commissioner of Sejnane, governorate of Bizerte to the delegation of Zaghouan, governorate of Zaghouan.

Mondher Al-Sulaiti, Commissioner of Tabarsouk, Beja Province, to the Commissioner of Sidi El-Bashir, Tunisia.

– Jalal Boulifi, Commissioner of Menzel El Habib, Governorate of Gabes to the delegation of Tabersuk, Governorate of Beja

Abdel-Wahhab Abdel-Kader, the delegate of Chebika, Kairouan province, to the delegation of Sbikha, in the same province.

– Shawky Salem, the commissioner of Esbikha, Kairouan province, to the commissioner of Chebika, in the same province.

– Qais Bouallaqi, commissioner of Hafouz, Kairouan governorate, to the southern Kairouan delegation in the same wilaya.

– Mohamed Al-Jarro, Commissioner of Al-Ula, Kairouan Province, to the Kairouan Governorate Center.

Acceptance of resignation

The resignation of Lotfi Cheriti from the duties of a delegate at the delegation of Sidi Ali Ben Aoun, Sidi Bouzid governorate, is accepted, starting from April 8, 2023.

The resignation of Walid Ben Regaya from the duties of a delegate at the Delegate of Amrane, Governorate of Tunis, is accepted, as of January 25, 2023.

Acceptance of Sadiq Salaoui’s resignation from the duties of delegate in the delegation of Fouchana, Ben Arous governorate, starting from February 18, 2023

Acceptance of Fawzi Nasr’s resignation from the duties of a delegate in the delegation of Regueb, Sidi Bouzid, starting from March 31, 2023