The aggressive team writes: a fierce war against the Partnership and Rescue Party..!

The aggressive team writes: a fierce war against the Partnership and Rescue Party..!
The aggressive team writes: a fierce war against the Partnership and Rescue Party..!

Retired Lieutenant General Musa Al-Adwan wrote –

The Independent Election Commission had previously asked the parties to correct their legal status, even if they were previously licensed by the government, after new amendments were made to their terms and set 5/14/2023 as the last date for that correction. The Partnership and Rescue Party complied with this request and provided the names of its affiliates in excess of the required number.

However, the hidden hands began to exercise their tricks and pressures, in various forms and types, targeting new and old members, to break away from this party, from which it is hoped that there will be real representation for the sons and daughters of Jordanians, depending on the guarantee of His Majesty the King for freedom of affiliation with parties in general. And whenever the affiliates light a candle in the path of this party, the enemies of the homeland want to extinguish it with their mouths and actions, but God perfects His light even if the haters hate it.

And after those in charge of the party submitted the names of its members, they were surprised, a day before the official holiday and the deadline for submitting the names to the Commission, by rejecting more than 130 of the names submitted to them and not approving their joining the party, for the purpose of incomplete licensing conditions. Among those names was my personal name, bearing in mind that I have been affiliated with the party and approved of it for five years.

I tried to understand the reason for not approving my affiliation with the party, bearing in mind that the state encourages affiliation with parties in general, and fills the streets and the media with banners advertising them, so I went back to the parties law to verify the conditions for affiliation with them. I found eight conditions in it, seven of which apply to me and are indisputable. As for the eighth condition, it can be argued and used, and this article states the following: “He should not be convicted of treason or a misdemeanor prejudicial to honor, morals, or public morals, with the exception of crimes of a political nature, unless he have been reconsidered.”

Assuming that the Independent Election Commission relied on this article, in refusing my affiliation with the Partnership and Rescue Party, what is the ruling that was applied to me by the text of the law, in a felony or misdemeanor violating honor, morals and public morals, or a political crime?

Whoever directs such a false accusation against me is supposed to be held accountable and questioned, and I will be keen on that legally and politically. How can an employee allow himself to be challenged by the record, history, sacrifices, and service of a team in the Arab army that participated in all wars of honor?!

I remember that when I was defending the homeland and the regime against the Israeli enemy, and against those who declared the republic in the Irbid region in the north 53 years ago, and I bore two wounds on my body in the fields of honor, and I suffered death many times, the leftist heroes who took charge of matters in our country these days carried a project Radically, it targeted the structure of the state and the system, and at that time we were ready to die in defense of the country and its political system.

In conclusion, I say: A little shyness, modesty, piety, and fear of God, your arbitrary measures will not hurt our image, prestige, status, history, and achievements. I would like to assure you that the Partnership and Rescue Party lives in the hearts of Jordanians despite your fierce war against it, and whether you agree to license it or deny it, it will remain a beacon for honorable people in the homeland, because it is a patriotic product that bears noble principles, and is being funded from the pockets of its honorable affiliates, far from suspicion. !

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