What is the value of the 2023 Pulitzer Prize for who gets it?… $10,000 for creators – world news

The Pulitzer Prize is one of the most prominent awards in the world, awarded annually to creators in the fields of literature and the arts, most notably the fields of journalism, literature, music, and many other creative fields important to cultural life, which are awarded by Columbia University in the United States of America.

Pulitzer 2023… $10,000 for 21 winners

According to a statement issued by Columbia University, the 2023 Pulitzer Prize was awarded to a number of winners this year, with 21 creators receiving it annually, to whom cash prizes of $10,000 are distributed to each winner.

The Pulitzer Prize carries a moral and literary honor, not only monetary or material, as each winner receives a certificate, in addition to an amount of 10 thousand dollars, while the winner of the journalism competition is uniquely awarded a gold medal.

Pulitzer Prize 2023 for Literature, Art and Journalism

The 2023 Pulitzer Prize is distributed in specific shares to several fields, as the field of journalism receives the largest share of awards, with 14 awards, followed by the field of literature with 6 awards, then 4 grants received by workers in various other fields, and another additional award is allocated to the field of music.

Pulitzer Prize.. The focus of attention for creativity globally

The history of the American Pulitzer Prize dates back to 1917, when Columbia University, based in New York State, decided to award a group of annual awards in many areas that enrich public life, specifically the cultural and creative field, such as the fields of public service, journalism, literature and music.


Pulitzer.. the pioneer of American journalism

The first to fund the Pulitzer Prizes, which are awarded annually in May of each year, is the pioneer of American journalism, Joseph Pulitzer, whose name the prize bears after it was awarded to her and as gratitude and appreciation for his efforts.

While Columbia University grants the 21 prizes annually, upon the recommendation of the Pulitzer Prizes Authority, for 20 categories, the body consists of arbitrators appointed by the same university.

2023 Pulitzer Prize winning photojournalism