Al-Masry requires the waiver of dues to terminate the contract of any player

Al-Masry requires the waiver of dues to terminate the contract of any player
Al-Masry requires the waiver of dues to terminate the contract of any player

Written by Asma Omar

Saturday, May 13, 2023 03:45 PM

The board of directors of the Egyptian club, headed by Kamel Abu Ali, set a main condition for approving the departure of any player from the team during the coming period, which is that the contract be terminated by mutual consent and the dues formally waived or settled with the club, in anticipation of the cases that are filed by the players against The club, which cost Al-Masry a lot of fines in the last period.

Al-Masry had mutually terminated his contract with the duo Sherif Dabo and Nigerian Anthony Akpotu, due to the team not needing their services.

The Contracting Committee of the Egyptian club began reviewing the contracts of players whose contracts expire before the end of the current season, especially Izzy Emeka, Mohamed Grindow and Islam Attia, in order to discuss renewal for them, and the committee is scheduled to seek the opinion of the technical staff of the team led by Mimi Abdel Razek to resolve the needs of the team.

In the same context, Mustafa Jamil, the wing of Mansoura Club, entered the interests of many Premier League clubs to obtain his services during the upcoming summer Mercato, and the seventh day learned that Jamil received more than one offer during the last period and became a strong candidate to move to one of the Premier League clubs through the portal of my Egyptian Port Said team. Ismaili, starting next season.

On the other hand, the technical staff of the Egyptian club, led by Mimi Abdel Razek, the coach of the team, was keen to hold several psychological sessions with the players, in order to motivate them to regain victories in the league after the results declined during the last period, the latest of which was the defeat against Aswan by three goals.

The Egyptian club is preparing to face the interior in the match that brings together the two teams, at seven in the evening next Monday at Burj Al Arab Stadium in Alexandria, as part of the 28th round of the league competition, and the first round match that brought the two teams together ended with Al-Masry winning with a clean goal.