Anti-tank missile.. A witness tells Al-Araby the details of the storming of Balata camp

Anti-tank missile.. A witness tells Al-Araby the details of the storming of Balata camp
Anti-tank missile.. A witness tells Al-Araby the details of the storming of Balata camp

Today, Saturday, the Israeli occupation forces detained a number of citizens, including women, at the Hawara checkpoint, south of Nablus.

Eyewitnesses revealed that the occupation forces, stationed at the checkpoint on the main road linking Nablus with cities in the southern occupied West Bank, forced a number of citizens to get off their vehicles and detained them.

They revealed that at least seven women were among the detainees, who were seen standing near the checkpoint.

Two young men were killed this morning, while others were shot and suffocated, during clashes that erupted after the occupation forces stormed Balata camp, in addition to the burning of a house that was surrounded in an attempt to arrest a number of young men inside.

The Ministry of Health stated that the two young men, Sa’ed Mashah (32 years old) and Wassim Al-Araj (19 years old), were killed by live bullets in the head during the raid, in addition to 3 stab wounds to the neck, abdomen and thigh.

Great fire and destruction

The Director of Ambulance and Emergency at the Palestinian Red Crescent in Nablus, Ahmed Jibril, said in an interview with the Palestinian News Agency: that three citizens were injured by live bullets, one of which was a 50-year-old woman who was hit with four bullets, and her health condition is serious, while three others were injured by shrapnel from live bullets and were treated in the field, in addition to 75 others suffocated from tear gas.

Jibril indicated that the occupation forces prevented the Red Crescent crews from entering the camp, and were also subjected to direct sound bombs to prevent them from entering the camp.

Al-Araby’s correspondent visited the Balata camp and indicated that the military operation of the special occupation forces had ended, and transmitted a picture from inside the house that those elements had burned, causing great damage to it.

Before storming the house, the occupation forces fired an anti-tank missile, which led to a large fire and destruction.

Our correspondent pointed out that the camp residents succeeded in extinguishing the fire, the effects of which are still visible to this moment.

The correspondent explained that the occupation army was targeting a group of resistance fighters in the site that was besieged in the camp known for its adjacent houses and narrow alleys.

In the same context, an eyewitness in the camp, who is a neighbor of the house that was attacked, told Al-Araby: At 8:15 in the morning, a group of special forces in the occupation army entered the area, and at a later time other reinforcement forces came and occupied the houses. A group of young men who were inside the house were surrounded and asked to get out.

The witness indicated that the house fire was caused by an anti-tank missile, but the two young men were killed during clashes that took place outside the house near the market.