* International Day of Living Together in Peace and International Schizophrenia * – Al-Jamahir Newspaper

Written by: Dr. Rabih Hassan Kuka

Life is the great incubator for all creatures in general; And to all humanity in particular, the humanity that is supposed to live with each other in peace, and interact positively, and in this sense it is proud, prosperous, and shining.

Many interested people have read the phrase: “Since wars are born in the minds of people, it is in their minds that fortresses of peace must be built.” This is the profound phrase that represents the founding charter of UNESCO in the United Nations Organization. We have not seen it based on the land of human practices.

These days, we are approaching the “International Day of Living Together in Peace,” which the United Nations decided to make on the sixteenth of May, and the date of this decision was on the eighth of December (2017 AD).

The “International Day of Living Together in Peace” is about embracing our differences, being able to listen, to know and respect others, and to live together united in peace. In the words of the United Nations, which confirmed in its statement that a day like this is the way to mobilize the efforts of the international community to promote peace, tolerance, solidarity, understanding and interdependence, and to express the desire of members of society to live and work together, uniting in their differences to build a world that enjoys peace, solidarity and harmony.

The day is a call to countries to further promote reconciliation and to help ensure peace and sustainable development, including by working with communities, religious leaders and other relevant actors, through reconciliation measures and acts of service and by encouraging tolerance and compassion among individuals.

This is the theoretical matter in the United Nations, but what we see on the ground is completely different, which is what makes us see a clear dichotomy between words and deeds, between theoretical words and practical reality.

Schizophrenia is a mental disorder known as schizophrenia, in which the patient is separated from reality and becomes a fantasy, and hallucinations, delusions, and delusions occur. And this is exactly what happens.

What we see of continuous attacks from many decades ago to this day from the forces of arrogance against our Arab and Islamic nation, and what we are witnessing of continuous aggression from the Zionists against our people in Palestine and what we see of wars, destruction, exterminations and assassinations behind which the Great Satan stands. “America” and its Zionist protégé; This confirms the schizophrenia of the international community.

This schizophrenia is what drives us not to rely on their words and strive to fortify our societies and preserve our rights with whatever capabilities we can.

When our nation is strong, they come to it as peaceful interlocutors, but as soon as they glimpse weakness, they pounce on it, as the seven pounce on his prey, and the thief on his loot.

How sincere and understanding was the poet Al-Hutayah, may God Almighty have mercy on him, when he said:

If mean people fear you, you will find them

Hurry up to what you desire and want

Do not fear them, and fear them, for they

If they secure from you, the cashier is black

Weakness does not produce dignity, and fear does not produce strength, and the tied hands have not and will not build except what their master allows them to do.

O our Lord, replace the weakness of our nation with strength, its fear with security, and its destruction with building, O most responsible official.

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