Lamita Franjieh bathes in front of the camera in her boldest video ever (watch)

Lamita Franjieh bathes in front of the camera in her boldest video ever (watch)
Lamita Franjieh bathes in front of the camera in her boldest video ever (watch)

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homeland– The Lebanese model, Lamita Franjieh, raised the level of audacity to its highest levels, with the latest video she published on the communication sites.

Bathing and underwear

And Lamita Franjieh, in the video she posted on “Instagram”, wore a green legging with a half-belly top in the same color.

And the Lebanese model began to display the curves of her body in an exciting way, through calculated movements on the beach, in an advertisement for clothing brands.

Lamita also appeared in another video while she was bathing in the “bathtub”, then wearing her underwear and drinking coffee on the balcony.

Lamita Frangieh’s husband

The owner of Charbelita’s account, who describes herself as the “queen of scandals” in the artistic community, guessed that Lamita Franjieh had separated from her husband, and this is the reason why she raised the level of audacity.

Charbelita wrote, “The bridesmaid of Miss Lebanon for the year 2004, Lamita Franjieh, was divorced, or in the footsteps of divorce.”

And she continued: “Or maybe she saw a trend, “Show your body, your name will grow,” and then she has an alternative plan.

Charbelita described Lamita as a snake, saying: “By the way, the Miss Lebanon contest was the biggest challenge.. and they asked her at the time, which kilo is heavier, a kilo of iron or a kilo of cotton?! I answered with confidence that God does not afflict us with, iron, of course.

Couture Show

It is worth noting that Franjieh (39 years old) took her first steps towards fame as a model when she showed for the most prominent Lebanese and international designers in Lebanon and the world.

Among the most prominent designers that Lamita showed, was the international Lebanese designerRobert Abi Nader, and she attracted the cameras’ lenses with her slender body, the beauty of her face, and her elegance.

Franjieh went through the experience of participating in the Miss Lebanon contest in 2004, which was one of the most important competitions that relied on her portrayal as a reality TV program, which brought together a number of female participants and put them under the spotlight 24 hours a day. The viewer was allowed to watch and vote for the participant he deems worthy of the title.

At that time, Franjieh won the title of first runner-up, after she qualified for the final stage, which gave her the opportunity to represent Lebanon in the Miss World contest in 2005.

Lamita entered the world of art and acting when she participated in the series “Asr Al-Hareem”. The artist, Ramez Jalal, also participated in the movie “Had Samea Haga”, and participated with the artist, Mohamed Ragab, in the movie “Respectable, but a quarter”.

In 2014, Lamita married a Lebanese businessman, Freddy Makhrez, from northern Lebanon, and studied in the United States of America. A very strong love relationship arose between them, and they married a civil woman on her birthday, and she took pictures of her in the Church of St. Germain Lequero in Paris.