Omar Kamal reveals the details of his song with Sarah Al Zakaria .. “I imagined a day” – Art

The artist, Omar Kamal, is preparing to release a video clip for a new song that brings him together with the Lebanese singer Sarah Al Zakaria, the owner of the song “Tiji Let’s Get Married With Secret”, which has topped the trend on social media during the past few months.

“Al-Watan” behind the scenes of Omar Kamal’s clip

And “Al-Watan” was behind the scenes of filming Omar Kamal and Sarah Al-Zakaria’s clip, as the filming took place in one of the places in the Sixth of October region during only one day.

Amr Kamal said, in exclusive statements to Al-Watan, that the song is a duet between him and the Lebanese singer Sarah Al-Zakaria, written by Amr Qutb, composed by Khaled Sultan and Muhammad Ghoneim, and distributed by Islam Chipsy, who participated with him in many of his successful experiences with the audience, such as « We lost and Helween” and many successful songs.

Omar Kamal reveals the scenes of his song with Sarah El Zakaria

Omar Kamal added that he decided to collaborate with Sarah Al Zakaria on a new song. Because she is bold on the stage and has acceptance, and the audience likes to see and hear her, as well as singing distinctive songs with her, indicating that he thought of her after her successful experience with the Egyptian audience in the song “Tiji Let’s Get Married in Secret.”

He added that he was following Sarah Al-Zakaria in Lebanon, as they gathered many joint concerts, explaining that the song does not contain offensive words, because the Egyptian people are conservative, and have customs and traditions, indicating that Sarah will sing strange Egyptian words.