Colors of the homeland | “Ahmed” wins the silver medal in the “Muay Thai” world boxing championship.. He turned his weaknesses into strengths

His family helped him from a young age to be a strong, athletic young man participating in various tournaments at the level of Egypt and the world. From an early age, the 7-year-old chose the sport of taekwondo to launch through it towards success, and his journey continued until he won the silver medal in the World Muay Thai Championship, after Losing the final match to the champion of Vietnam.

Ahmed Sameh achieves the silver medal

Ahmed Sameh, 18 years old, from Al-Hawamdia district of Giza Governorate, won the silver medal yesterday, after he fought many rounds and won over his competitors, to reach the final match, which ended in a loss, to return to Egypt with the silver medal.

The Muay Thai Championship is a sports game, also called “Box Thai”, and it is also called Thai boxing. Muay Thai is a martial art, invented in the sixteenth century for war, and it is similar to boxing.


Ahmed’s journey from taekwondo to professional Muay Thai and the silver medal

Mona Abu Ragab, the mother of “Ahmed”, tells Al-Watan about his journey from the beginning of training to master “taekwondo” until professionalizing “Muay Thai” boxing: “My son plays from when he was 7 years old. He started with taekwondo at the Hawamdia Youth Center, because his father was He also plays kung fu and wins medals. The closest and most suitable thing for my son to be an athlete was taekwondo.”

Years that “Ahmed” took advantage of well, he became a champion in the sport of “taekwondo”, and he won many championships at the level of the Republic, but the game depended only on the foot, and his hands were weak, so his father and mother began to think about a way through which they could strengthen the muscles of his hand: “Because We strengthen the muscles of his hand to play kickboxing, and from the first year he was able to excel and win championships, and from kickboxing he played Muay Thai, which is a game that depends on the hand and the leg together, and may God grant him success and he was able to enter the Muay Thai team after the qualifiers, and he participated in the World Championship in Thailand ».





The first participation in the world championship.. and winning the silver medal

The World Championship in Thailand, is the last station of “Ahmed” two days ago, and it is his first participation in the world, and he returned with the silver medal. His mother tells about a harsh diet that he was following to be able to win the gold, which was the hopes of everyone who knew him: “Ahmed’s body was increasing as soon as he He eats at length, so we tried as much as possible with the coach to refrain from eating so that he could play, because his weight must be appropriate.

Ahmed finished the Holy Quran at a young age

The father and mother of “Ahmed” have a great role in the successes and championships he achieved. Taking care of his problems, developing and nurturing his skills, is their way to maintain his level, as he finished the Holy Qur’an when he was only 14 years old: “We tired with him in order to bring him to this level, and thank God we were able.” And we succeeded, and Captain Nabil Talal, after and Captain Mahmoud Al-Melegy, was a major reason for my son’s success through training and caring for him.

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