London delivered missiles to Kiev to hit Russian cities

London delivered missiles to Kiev to hit Russian cities
London delivered missiles to Kiev to hit Russian cities

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Andrei Kelin, Russia’s ambassador to London, has accused the UK of delivering long-range cruise missiles to Kiev, to enable them to strike Russian cities, including Crimea.

“This is a major escalation of the conflict and an expansion of the combat zone, and it is clear to us that the current step is being taken by London so that Kiev can It struck Russian cities and villages, including the Crimean region, and we regret that the United Kingdom, which has nothing to do with this conflict, nonetheless plays a leading role in prolonging it and escalating it,” holding London fully responsible for the consequences of this step.

Meeting with students and teachers from Britain’s oldest university, the ambassador detailed the genesis of the Ukraine crisis. As the embassy noted, the diplomat’s speech “also dealt with the subversive actions of Western countries, particularly the United States and Britain, to undermine the Minsk agreements, as well as their steps aimed at creating an anti-Russian foothold in Ukraine.”

The embassy representatives indicated that the meeting was held in a constructive atmosphere and lasted about two hours. For most of that time, the ambassador answered questions from the audience, which showed “great interest in Russian foreign policy approaches.”

“This once again confirms the importance of the Russian point of view on the ongoing international political processes, which the official British media are trying in every possible way to silence,” the commentary read.

Earlier, British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace announced the transfer of “Storm Shadow” cruise missiles to Kiev, with a range of 250-300 km. According to the Russian Foreign Ministry, this decision clearly confirms the unprecedented level of London’s involvement in the conflict in Ukraine. The ministry stressed that Moscow reserves the right to take measures to neutralize threats that may arise from the use of British missiles by the Ukrainian armed forces.