Controlling a fire in an agricultural area at the entrance to the village of Abu Atwa in Ismailia – the governorates

The Civil Protection Forces in Ismailia controlled a fire that broke out today, Friday, in an agricultural area belonging to the village of Abu Atwa of the Ismailia Center District, without any human injuries or deaths in the fire.

A fire in an agricultural land

The national emergency network in Ismailia and the cities of the Canal received a notification from the Civil Protection stating that a fire broke out in agricultural land containing a large amount of hay, which spread very quickly to devour a quantity of reeds and papyrus spread in the drain next to the fire.

The Civil Protection Department in Ismailia sent two fire engines to the scene of the fire, which managed to control it before it spread to the residential areas adjacent to the scene of the fire at the entrance to Abu Shehata Street.

Residents: We informed the village about reeds and papyrus

Muhammad Atta, one of the residents in the area of ​​fire, said that the drain was filled with papyrus and reeds for decades, and it was being purified continuously until the purification process stopped, which led to the spread of reeds in abundance, and the village was informed and some complaints were submitted.

He continued, in statements to Al-Watan, that the bank serves a large area that extends from the village of Nafisha and goes beyond Abu Atwa Road, indicating that it is currently being purified by self-efforts, and said that the fire will cause a disaster if it extends to any of the neighboring houses to the bank, especially with the spread of fire. A number of houses contain timber and rice straw.

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