Used cars at the cheapest prices… For 7,000 riyals, get a Toyota Camry in excellent condition and with great specifications

Get a used Toyota Camry in excellent condition. Toyota Camry cars are among the cars that are very popular, especially in the Saudi market, especially since they contain many specifications and features that attract a large group, and with the high prices of new cars, resort to buying used cars in good condition that resemble new cars in addition to Therefore, the car must be thoroughly examined before the purchase process, and for this we will present to you a group of used Toyota Camry cars and how to obtain them in the following article.

Get a used Toyota Camry

We will offer you more than one used Toyota car in good condition in Saudi Arabia

A used Toyota Camry 2006

  • The car is available in Riyadh.
  • It depends on an automatic transmission.
  • Gasoline is also the fuel used for the car.
  • The car has been driven 260,000 km.
  • The car is in good and excellent condition.
  • The car is available in white.
  • The car has a comfortable and spacious interior for the driver and passengers.
  • The interior cabin seats are made of leather and cloth.
  • The car has a set of safety systems, including an anti-lock braking system, in addition to sensors.
  • The car has interior features, including central door locking, in addition to a comfortable interior.
  • The car features electric front and rear windows.
  • The car also has entertainment features, including Bluetooth, air conditioning, and a USB port.
  • The price of the car was announced at 7,000 Saudi riyals.
  • To contact the seller, please call 966561942611.

A used Toyota Camry 2004

  • The car is located in Dammam.
  • The car has covered 290,000 km.
  • The car relies on gasoline as its fuel.
  • It also has an automatic transmission.
  • The car is in excellent condition.
  • The car has a silver colour.
  • The car has an anti-lock brake system and BA Brake Assist.
  • The interior cabin seats are made of leather and cloth.
  • The car features central locking.
  • The car is distinguished by overcoming off-road conditions.
  • The car has front and rear fog lights.
  • The car also has front and rear electric windows.
  • The car has a range of entertainment such as radio, USB input, manual air conditioning and Bluetooth.
  • The asking price for the car is 9,000 Saudi riyals.
  • To contact the seller, call 966582114690.