$11 million

$11 million
$11 million

Published in: May 13, 2023: 10:24 PM GST
Last updated: May 13, 2023: 10:26 PM GST

Salem Al-Jumaili, director of the American Division of the Iraqi Intelligence, tells Professor Ghassan Charbel, editor-in-chief of the newspaper “Al-Sharq Al-Awsat”, that Iraq paid General Michel Aoun, when he was head of the transitional government and commander of the army, 11 million dollars to launch in March of 1989 a war against the Syrian presence. In Lebanon. This is because a deep enmity existed between the late presidents Saddam Hussein and Hafez al-Assad, and explosions and assassinations were exchanged between the two sides in a battle to break bones.

Whoever lavished money and weapons on the general did so for his own purpose at the expense of Lebanon and the Lebanese. And Aoun is not the only one who obtained abundant money and destructive weapons, only to implement other people’s projects on Lebanese soil, as the series was and still continues… and the country’s condition went from bad to worse.

However, the guilt may not only fall on the general, or other parties and militias that have prevailed and prevail the interests of their financiers and owners of their affairs over the Lebanese interest, the state and the people, and establish entities outside the legitimacy to lead the projects of the owners of the guardianship over them and us, as long as there is someone who supports them and elects them and chants their name and repeats « With our soul and our blood, we will sacrifice you, O leader.”

There is no evidence of the responsibility of the Lebanese for what befell them as a result of the continuity of the same forces involved in blood, murder, and dependence on a financier outsider, more than their casting their votes in favor of these forces in the parliamentary elections that a year has passed since they were held to produce a parliament, in which it retains the predominance for it to continue achieving the goals of this outsider in war and peace. , to continue its march after the Taif Agreement and control Lebanon and its sovereignty until it slips from bad to worse.

The Lebanese people, with a noticeable majority, are still the same, as if disasters, calamities, seasons of killing, impoverishment, exploitation and theft of public money did not fall on their head. This majority did not seem to move from the position of blind submissiveness behind this or that sectarian leader, to the position of a citizen who holds each responsible accountable for what he committed against him and the right of public money.

As if nothing requires this Lebanese to stop at what was narrated by eyewitnesses who lived through that bloody phase between the wars of “liberation” and “abolition” that the public money that was available was transferred from the state treasury to a private treasury, except for the in-kind aid that was lavished by devotees. They dreamed of a promised homeland that would extract them from the war and its militias. At that time, the general was responsible. Even the women used to snatch their golden bracelets and present them to him… All of this did not change anything in the fate of Lebanon.

Nothing changed, and if it did, then by an insignificant rate. An official proved, by the tangible, that he was and still is incapable of change and capable of changing allegiance and the acrobatic transition from Iraq to Iran through “Hezbollah” and reconciliation with the Assad regime, all the way to Baabda Palace, to continue enjoying power and influence and accumulating Wealth from deals and public money due to blind, sectarian popular submission or through subjugation and usufruct.

The majority loyal to this leader or that did not change what is in itself, and here it continues its path to hell satisfied and satisfactory, after the political class restored itself with its corruption and disregard for the public interest and the minimum rights of the state, people, and institutions of any country.

Of course, this majority, whether of the general’s followers or his opponents, will not stop at the issue of his obtaining 11 million dollars from Saddam Hussein, because the leaders’ homes are made of glass.

Quoted from the call of the homeland