Developments in the gas pipeline between Nigeria and Morocco “the blue road” .. Ghana enters the pipeline

The General Manager Responsible for Public Affairs of the Ghanaian Gas Pipeline Company West Africa revealed that “talks are currently underway regarding the gas pipeline between Nigeria and Morocco, along with other infrastructure and technology investments in the sector.

The Ghana Gas Group is currently focused on the first part of the Morocco-Nigeria gas pipeline, which is to connect Nigeria between Togo and Ghana.

The Nigeria-Morocco Gas Pipeline is a strategic project aimed at establishing a system for transporting natural gas from the gas fields in Nigeria to Morocco and Europe. This project is known as the “Blue Route”.

The Blue Route project was approved in 2016 with the participation of Morocco, Nigeria, Benin, Togo and Ghana. The line is expected to extend over a distance of about 5,660 km, and will pass through these participating countries.

This project aims to enhance economic and trade cooperation between the participating countries and to provide reliable and sustainable energy supplies to the region. The line will contribute to promoting the development of the energy sector in the region, providing new job opportunities and improving the energy infrastructure.

The pipeline is expected to be capable of transporting about 3,500 million cubic feet of natural gas per day, and will have a positive impact on the economy and development in the region, in addition to promoting regional cooperation and integration in the energy sector.

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