We seek to keep our football team away from the specter of relegation – the sports situation

We seek to keep our football team away from the specter of relegation – the sports situation
We seek to keep our football team away from the specter of relegation – the sports situation

Hama – Firas Taftanazy:
Considering that the Al-Talawia men’s football team tied against Al-Karamah team in the eighteenth round of the current Premier League with a goal to a goal, it increased the pressure on the Al-Talawi team in particular, since this aforementioned tie did not keep this team from the late positions on the ranking ladder, so that the team is still Al-Talawi is within the circle of teams threatened with relegation, which increased the volume of public pressure on the management of Al-Talawi club, as the Al-Talawi fans have not left the headquarters of Al-Talawi club over the past week, calling on the club management to find quick solutions to save the Al-Talawi football team from the current situation in which it lives, so what is the role of management Al-Talawi club in this situation mentioned? And what is the opinion of the president of Al-Talawi Club on this matter?

Difficult conditions!
The President of Al-Tali’a Club, Mr. Amer Tayfour, spoke about this issue, saying: Frankly, I say that the men’s team of our first football club is currently suffering from several very difficult circumstances, in several respects, most notably the financial difficulties that the club suffers from in general on the one hand, and the presence of this team in a late position. On the list of the current Syrian Premier League ranking so far on the other hand, and of course this matter currently requires fans and fans of the club to stand by the team and also requires supporters and businessmen to support the team financially in order to help secure all its requirements that the team needs to complete its career in this league The fact that the financial capabilities of the club are currently very limited, and are not sufficient to spend on all the games that are played in our club.
Natural results…
Al-Tayfur continues his words by saying: In my personal opinion, the results of our football team in the second leg of the current Premier League are normal until this moment, compared to the strength of the teams that it has met at this stage so far, but this does not mean that the team did not suffer from some individual errors in some lines. And the positions prevented him from winning in the previous matches, and that these mistakes need immediate correction so that they are not repeated in the next matches.

main role
The main role to improve the results of our football team (and we speak to Al-Tayfour) rests with all members of the team, first of all the players without exception and with the supervision and follow-up of the team coach and his assistant staff, knowing that the players made great efforts in the previous matches, appreciating the difficult financial conditions that the club is currently experiencing, and we As the club’s management, we assured all of these players that their financial rights are preserved, and no financial right will be lost to any player, even if the payment of some of these financial dues is delayed, because this delay is beyond the control of the club in general.

Confidence and determination
Al-Tayfur concluded his speech by saying: We are all confident in the players’ insistence on doubling the training effort in order to improve the team’s results in the upcoming matches, but we ask the loyal fans of our club to be a little patient with the team and reduce as much as possible the increase in public pressure on the team in general so that this pressure does not reflect negatively. On the team in the upcoming matches, with our great appreciation to the great fans of our club who support the team in good times and bad, and we as the club management assure this loyal audience that we will strive to keep our team away from the specter of relegation.