Steps to draw a professional eyeliner that makes small eyes appear wider

Steps to draw a professional eyeliner that makes small eyes appear wider
Steps to draw a professional eyeliner that makes small eyes appear wider

Written by Hanan Talaat

Saturday, May 13, 2023 10:00 PM

Wide eyes are considered beautiful and attractive, and for this reason, makeup can be used to highlight the eyes and expand them further. Here are some tips, according to the website “stylecrazeTo increase the beauty of the eyes and expand them using makeup:

eye makeup

Steps to make small eyes bigger

Eye moisturizing

The eyes and eyebrows must be well moisturized, and concealer can be used to hide any dark circles, to make the eyes bright.

Moisturizing the liver

Apply eye primer

This plan is optional, as applying an eye primer makes the area oily, which extends the life of the eyeliner, preventing any chance of creases occurring later on.

Apply a primer

Primer mixing

The primer is mixed well, and it is special for the eyes, which gives a transparent look after its blending, to give a natural feel.

Create an arc with eyeliner

Using eyeliner, make a thick line as desired, with an arc-shaped line using a thin eyeliner brush to work it properly.


Fill in the blanks

You can take the same eyeliner brush with a thin head, and fill in any void, and you should not use a thick brush so that the line is very thin and gentle, in the inner corners of the eye.

Fill in the blanks

Draw eyeliner in the outer corner

A line can be drawn in the outer corner, by using a thick brush to define the eyes in the outer corners with eyeliner thick and clear.

Eye liner

Apply eyeliner on the lower lash line

Eyeliner can be applied to define the eyes from the inside, on the lower lash line, by starting from the outer end of the upper lash line, in the form of vDefine it darker with kohl pencil.

Roll and apply mascara

In this step, the eyelashes can be curled and mascara can be applied, to make the eyelashes thicker and more voluminous, which gives the eyes a large volume.

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