Le Figaro newspaper: Erdogan…the son of the people who became a tyrannical sultan

Le Figaro newspaper: Erdogan…the son of the people who became a tyrannical sultan
Le Figaro newspaper: Erdogan…the son of the people who became a tyrannical sultan

Among the topics covered by the French newspapers issued today, May 13, 2023, were the Turkish elections and the French hostages detained in Iran, in addition to other topics, including the Ukrainian issue and the drug trade in France.

Erdogan, the son of the people who became a tyrannical sultan

Le Figaro newspaper headlined its editorial: “For Turkish Democracy,” and the author of the article considered that Erdogan’s defeat would have repercussions outside the country’s borders. It was led by the Turkish leader, who encouraged investment and cared for remote areas

La Croix newspaper conducted an interview with the Turkish opposition journalist residing in Germany, Can Dundar. The latter believes that the Turkish president seeks to set the Turks back a hundred years, adding that the media in Turkey is under the rule and censorship of the authority, and it is forbidden to address many issues, including the Kurdish and Armenian issues, corruption of the authority and the intelligence apparatus. Erdoğan is running the country like a gangster and for the sake of the dollar he is ready to deal with everyone, Russians and Americans at once, comments Dandar.

The Turkish community in Germany, a reservoir of votes in favor of Erdogan

Toma Widar indicated in Le Monde newspaper that three million four hundred thousand Turkish voters vote abroad, and in Germany more than one and a half million voters vote, which is a number that makes the difference in the elections, as happened in 2018, when Erdogan got 64.9 percent of the vote. Turks in Germany

The writer reported that the participation rate of the Turkish community abroad reached 53.2% in 73 countries between April 27 and May 9, and this increase will inevitably be in favor of Erdogan, and political researcher Insi Oiko believes that while he expects the vote to decline in favor of the Justice and Development Party in Turkey, most likely The community’s votes abroad are in favor of the Islamic Party, which enjoys significant support from the mosques of the Turkish Ministry of Religious Affairs

Who are the French who are still hostages in Iran? Le Parisien newspaper published the latest available information on these

Fariba Adelkhah, an Iranian-French researcher at the International Institute of Political Science, was arrested in 2019 on charges of spreading propaganda against the Iranian regime. She was released last February, but she is still banned from returning to France.

The second hostage is Cécile Koehler, a trade unionist and teacher at a school in the suburbs of Paris, who was with her boyfriend on a tourist trip in Iran when she and her friend Jacques Paris were arrested in May 2022 on charges of espionage.

Louis Arnault is the third hostage, a fan of travel and works as a consultant in banking affairs, while on a tour around the world. He was arrested by the Iranian authorities on September 28, and he faces very harsh conditions in prison, according to his parents.

Who are the small hands that smuggle drugs in France?

La Croix newspaper published an investigation into the sale, transportation and smuggling of drugs in France and the role of children and adolescents in these operations

The little hands we read in La Croix are children and adolescents between the ages of ten and fifteen years, who are recruited by drug dealers and carry out missions, most of which are in the neighborhoods they live in.

*The choufs*

The number of these minors is on the rise in France, according to security reports, and they are chosen by smugglers and dealers in order to finance new drug users, or to transfer drugs to customers of the neighborhoods they live in. Raqib” is to monitor the police and inform the drug dealers of their arrival, which enables smugglers to escape and escape with impunity

Small hands receive sums of money, and with the passage of time minors turn into abusers, smugglers, and drug dealers, and the newspaper published testimonies of some young people who used to carry out these tasks before.