Watch the joy of the farmers harvesting the beet crop in Minya

Watch the joy of the farmers harvesting the beet crop in Minya
Watch the joy of the farmers harvesting the beet crop in Minya

Minya – Hassan Abdel Ghaffar

Sunday, May 14, 2023 12:00 AM

“The Seventh Day” presented a video report on the beet crop and the end of the harvest season, and the report monitored the farmers’ joy in the harvest season, and during the harvest, where the Minya governorate cultivates large areas of beets, from the early and late crops, which continue to be harvested until late May and early March. June according to the contract with the sugar factory to supply the crop,.

Rizk Massad, one of the farmers, said that the harvest day is a day of great joy for the family after work and care throughout the year, and the harvest moment for us is a special moment in which we gather to rejoice, laugh and rejoice over the crop, especially when the crop comes out of the ground with a distinctive size and a high percentage of sugar, and this is beneficial for the farmer.

Ahmed Mohamed, an agricultural engineer, said that Minya cultivates between 50,000 and 60,000 feddans, with an average productivity of about 3 million tons, especially since the productivity of a feddan in Minya Governorate is close to 30 tons per feddan, and increases in some crops. Every year and continues until the end of the season and the crop and the end of the supply contracts for the factories located in Abu Qarqas, Mallawi and Fayoum.

As for Khalaf Moaz, an agricultural engineer, he said that the beet crop this year was one of the best years in terms of productivity, the percentage of sugar, and the income of farmers as well. It is thirsty, that is, water is prevented from it at the beginning of cultivation, about 40 days, and then it is irrigated with the first irrigation.

Minya is witnessing an expansion in this cultivation and a great development, especially with the West Minya project, which produces large quantities of the beet crop due to the quality of the land and the farmers’ experiences..

While Nadi Moamen, one of the farmers, added, “We gather on the harvest day inside the field, accompany the children and families, take our food with us, and spend the entire first day of the harvest in sowing, rejoicing and rejoicing in the harvest season. Sugar.

He pointed out that the reason for the delay of a number of farmers in the supply is the connection with the contract, and the beet crop is not affected by the delay for a certain period of time, but rather it consolidates and increases in size and the sugar rate rises more than the early harvest, but the more it is delayed, the more the crop grows..