True peace is the end of the occupation. | Selected articles

True peace is the end of the occupation. | Selected articles
True peace is the end of the occupation. | Selected articles

In past decades, all Arabs, led by the Palestinians, were fighting for the restoration of all of Palestine from the sea to the river.

This did not materialize, consumed hundreds of thousands of lives and wounded, produced millions of displaced persons, and produced countless forms of suffering, not only for the Palestinian people, but also for all neighboring countries and beyond, and made the Israeli entity a camp that protects and supports it with weapons, money, politics, and everything that guarantees its military superiority over the Arabs. The great oppression countries that originally planted it as an island in an Arab human sea to serve their interests, and a means to ensure the dispersal of the Arabs, and make them hostages to their strategies and policies. For those leaders historically, on charges of their orbits of the West supporting the Israeli entity.

The foregoing of the article is a brief review of a bitter and painful past for all leaders and peoples together.

Today, the Palestinians and the Arabs accept the existence of the Israeli entity, but within the borders of 1948, and to prove this they presented a peace initiative calling for an end to the occupation in exchange for complete peace, coexistence and non-aggression.

However, the Israeli entity, which took advantage of the dispersion of the Arabs and seized the occupied land by planting it almost completely with the so-called settlements, which are in fact colonies built by occupiers in accordance with international law, increased its arrogance and found itself not forced or even compelled to end its occupation of Arab land. Towards other Arab countries, disregarding a nation with a civilization and history that exceeds 400 million people.

Today, the Arabs are desperate, and the Israelis are afraid and trembling, especially their wise men and thinkers among their former military and security leaders and their political and history jurists. But the ruling extreme right revealed the fact that their conflict with us is a religious conflict that they dress before the world in the guise of politics, security and the threat that they call before the world terrorism.

Accordingly, in the hands of the imminent summit in the sisterly Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, there is a historic opportunity for a serious, final Arab position that will re-propose an Arab peace initiative that affirms the saying: Get out of the occupied Arab lands and recognize the right of the Palestinian people to self-determination, and acknowledge Palestinian political sovereignty over the West Bank and Gaza and the Hashemite Guardianship. On the sanctities, and get out of the Golan Heights and the Shebaa Farms, and then you will have security, peace and coexistence, and the exchange of ambassadors and acceptance of you in the region, otherwise we are all your opponents, we will not cooperate with you and we will not normalize with you, and you will bear full responsibility for every drop of blood shed on the land of Palestine.

In sum, peace means ending the occupation completely. Otherwise, any other talk is just a waste of time towards more clash, destruction, displacement, misery and the whole region.

Palestine is a religious, historical and civilized trust that every Arab and every Muslim will ask about on the Day of Judgment. God in front of my intention.

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