Car fire prevention measures with high temperatures

Car fire prevention measures with high temperatures
Car fire prevention measures with high temperatures

Abdul Rahman Syed wrote

Sunday, May 14, 2023 03:00 AM

The General Directorate of Civil Protection recommended taking certain measures and precautions to stop car burning on the roads, especially with the high temperatures and their impact on some cars. The list of instructions and tips for motorists includes the following:

Ensure that the car’s cooling cycle and brake pads are working, always check on the radiator water and supply it, be careful when opening the radiator cap when the engine is hot, avoid supplying hot radiator water with cold water unless the motor is running so as not to damage the cylinder “.

• Ensure the safety of the tires to avoid their explosion, adjust the tire air pressure to suit the weather temperature.

• Evacuation of cars from carbonated substances, soft drinks, perfumes and batteries of devices in general.

• Simple opening of car windows.

• Not filling the car’s fuel tank completely, filling the car’s fuel in the evening and making sure that there are no leaks in the fuel circuit (the tank – pipes and hoses – the fuel regulator), checking the fuel hoses and making sure that there are no cracks in them, and tightening the joints.

• Not using fuel to clean and operate the engine parts before the fuel has dried, and not to make any of the welds in any place in the fuel circuit except after taking precautions.

• Ensure the integrity of the connections in the electric circuit of the cars, and not to use electrical wires that do not conform or are not suitable for the electric circuit of the car, and not to leave the wires uncovered so that there is no friction with the car body and that the wires of the battery terminals do not touch the metal of the car.

• Not smoking in anticipation of the fall of parts of the cigarette inside the car while driving.