An exciting conclusion to the Carmel Arab Volleyball Championship – Al-Ghad newspaper

An exciting conclusion to the Carmel Arab Volleyball Championship – Al-Ghad newspaper
An exciting conclusion to the Carmel Arab Volleyball Championship – Al-Ghad newspaper

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Amman – The 8th Arab Volleyball Championship of Carmel witnessed rivalry and excitement until its last moments, amid a wide audience of fans of the Carmel Club, who were keen to follow the course of the tournament since its inception last week until the closing of the curtain on it the day before yesterday, which was held in the club hall in the Martyr Azmy camp. Mufti in Irbid.
Al-Wehdat won the championship title after defeating its counterpart Al-Karmel in the final match, with three rounds for free, by (25-22) (25-21) (25-19), while the Palestinian Al-Quds team won the third place and the bronze medals, after its victory over the Lebanese Sarafand in three rounds. For two sets (25-17) (27-29) (21-25) (25-14) (15-10).
The Carmel Club management is keen every year to organize the tournament, with the aim of preparing the team ideally for local competitions, as the tournament was expected to witness the participation of the Egyptian under-21 team, but the latter apologized for not participating one day before the start of the tournament.
The closing day of the tournament was attended by the Vice-President of the Volleyball Association, Jihad Qutaishat, and the follow-up of the President of the Carmel Club, Mahmoud Al-Titi, and the Vice-President of Al-Wehdat Club, Ghasab Khalil, as well as the heads and members of the delegations participating in the tournament.
The organizing committee of the tournament was keen to distribute individual awards to the best players in the tournament, as the Cuban player in the ranks of Al Wehdat team Lazzaro was awarded the best player award, and his teammate Mohammed Al Qatami was awarded the best future player award, and Khaled Shabab was awarded the best free player award, while the Carmel player Obada Fakhri won The award for the best position player 4, compared to Al-Quds player Khaled Qaddumi, who won the award for best blocking and Adham Kettaneh, the best sender, while Sarafand players Firas Al-Helou deserved the award for best equipment, and Hussein Mohsen, the award for best striker, position 2.
Likewise, the Carmel Club held a ceremony honoring the participating delegations, during which shields were exchanged with the teams that were keen to participate in the tournament, in addition to honoring the Volleyball Federation, which contributed to the success of the tournament by providing arbitration staff, balls, and other intangible items.
Followers of the tournament expressed the high level that was presented during the tournament competitions, which were held on the group system, so that all teams faced each other in the first round, before playing the golden square matches after determining the positions, and then the final matches and the third place, noting that Al-Wehdat achieved Winning all his matches with a total of 15 innings, against losing in only 3 innings.
On a related level, the Jordan Volleyball Cup competitions started yesterday from the quarter-final round, where Shabab Al-Hussein and Deir Alla met, and Al-Taawon with Al-Mahatta. Six o’clock in the same hall.