Urgent alert from “sakani” regarding newly sent applications for development housing –

Urgent alert from “sakani” regarding newly sent applications for development housing –
Urgent alert from “sakani” regarding newly sent applications for development housing –

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The beneficiary care account of a sakani program interacted with a beneficiary’s question about newly sent developmental housing applications.

In his question, the beneficiary said: “Peace be upon you. I have been qualified for seven years, and I have not gained anything. I am scattered and homeless. I have children. What should I do for my children if their educational level has dropped?”

The account replied: “All segments of our society are of interest, and through developmental housing, which aims to serve the most needy families who are included in the social security lists and who are eligible on the Sakani platform.”

He continued, “The application will be automatically transferred to developmental housing, and the applicant will be contacted as soon as the appropriate product is available.”

Value Added

Earlier, the “sakani program” announced that the state bears the added value of existing housing, without including lands.

This came in response to a question by one of the beneficiaries, saying: “I am one of the recipients of the self-construction product. Does the state bear the value-added tax, and in what way?”

And the program said, through its account on the “Twitter” website, that according to the royal order, the state bears the value-added tax that applies to the first existing dwelling: (villa – apartment – ​​floor – duplexes) and does not include lands, self-construction, or the purchase of investment buildings.

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VAT refund

In addition, the sakani program announced that the beneficiary can recover the value-added tax for the first housing before the end of February of this year.

He added that if the first home was purchased from January 1, 2018 to October 3, 2020, the beneficiary must quickly submit a VAT refund request through the link, before March 31, 2023.

It is noteworthy that the royal order issued on 4/18/1439 AH stipulates that the state bear the value-added tax of no more than an amount of 850 thousand riyals from the purchase price of the first home for a citizen, in order to reduce the cost of owning a suitable home for citizens.

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Conditions for entitlement to housing support

The family benefiting from the housing subsidy must be Saudi

Husband and wife and their unmarried male children under 25 years of age, or unmarried female children.

The age of the applicant to benefit from housing subsidy is not less than 25 years

The husband or father takes precedence over the family if he is 25 years old, and the woman is excluded if she supports her children, such as the widow or divorcee whose divorce has passed two years, as well as the brothers together in the event of the death of the parents, or the mother is non-Saudi and supports her children.

Residence in the Kingdom

The family benefiting from the housing subsidy must be resident in the Kingdom.

The family does not have a suitable home

The family did not own a suitable home during the five years preceding the submission of the application, and the home is considered suitable in terms of size and quality of construction.

Continuity of fulfilling eligibility conditions

The eligibility conditions must be met from the date of submission until the housing subsidy is allocated.

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