The result of the Atletico Madrid and Elche match in the Spanish League.. The Roji Blancos fell with a clean goal

Sunday 14/May/2023 – 07:17 PM

A short while ago today, Sunday, a match ended Atletico Madrid And Elche, which brought together the two teams in the framework of the Spanish League competition.

The course of the match between Atletico Madrid and Elche in the Spanish League

Atletico Madrid, led by coach Diego Simeone, lost to the Elche team, in the framework of the thirty-fourth round of the Spanish League competition, with a score of 1-0 in the meeting that brought the two teams together on the grounds of the Manuel Martinez Valero stadium, the stronghold of the Elche team.

The Elche team scored their lead goal in the 41st minute of the first half of the meeting, through his player Fidel Chavez de la Torre.

Elche celebrate their winning goal
Elche celebrate their winning goal
Atletico Madrid players after Elche’s goal

The second half ended with a goalless draw between the two teams, and the match ended with Elche winning 1-0.

Arranging the two teams in the Spanish League table

Atletico Madrid is in third place in the La Liga table, with 69 points, 13 points behind leaders Barcelona, ​​who has 82 points.

While the Elche team is in the “last” twentieth place in the Spanish League table, with 19.

The date of the Atletico Madrid match in the Spanish League

It is scheduled that the Atletico Madrid team will face its counterpart, the Osasuna team, within the framework of the thirty-fifth round confrontations in the Spanish League competition, at 5:15 pm Cairo time, and Saudi Arabia time, on the floor of Wanda Stadium. Metropolitan stronghold of the Roque Blancos.