The occupation forces Jerusalemite to forcibly demolish her house in Jabal Mukaber

Occupied Jerusalem – Safa

On Sunday, the Israeli occupation municipality forced Wafaa Muhammad al-Sarkhi to forcibly demolish the house of her son Qusay in Jabal al-Mukaber in occupied Jerusalem.

Wafaa Al-Sarkhi told SAFA that she had to demolish the house of her son, Qusai, to avoid paying about 80,000 shekels for the demolition by Jerusalem Municipality employees.

She explained that the judges of the Central Court in occupied Jerusalem issued a decision before the month of Ramadan to demolish the house until the date of May 14, otherwise the bulldozers of the Jerusalem municipality will come to demolish it.

She stressed that the decision to carry out the self-demolition process is very difficult, and its pain cannot be described, like a person who slaughters himself.

She pointed out that the occupation seeks to deport the largest possible number of Jerusalemites from the city, and empty it of its youth.

She said that she built the house about two years ago from bricks and reinforced iron, “Planet”, and its area is 70 square meters, and it consists of two rooms, a kitchen and a bathroom, and her son Qusay lives in it with his eight-month-pregnant wife.

She pointed out that last Wednesday, Jerusalem Municipality employees demolished a 50-square-meter barracks for her husband, Abdullah, who used it to raise sheep.

She added that she had received a notice to demolish the house since it was built, and her lawyer was able to postpone and freeze the demolition process several times, and she paid 80,000 shekels without success.

And she added that she had to return her son Qusai to live in one room in her house, despite her narrow living with ten people, because of the very expensive rents, and he could not accommodate all the furniture in his house.

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