Do sexual harassment cases keep Trump away?

A federal grand jury’s decision to convict Donald Trump of sexual harassment and defamation has further clouded the 2024 presidential race and led to doubts about whether Trump voters and their Republican allies will stick with him.

The Wall Street Journal confirmed the verdict on journalist E. Jean Carroll’s allegation as the second significant legal setback Trump has faced this year, following his conviction on charges related to paying a bribe to a pornographic actress in New York.

The accusations of harassment leveled by Carroll and other women against Trump occupied the agenda of the public meeting, “Town Hall” on CNN a few days ago, as Trump denied the charges in all of these cases, and mocked the verdict issued against him, saying, “It is a continuation of the greatest persecution in this era.” Trump’s chief defense attorney, Joe Tacubina, decided to appeal the case.

America’s women

While Carroll commented on the ruling, saying, “I am very happy for the women of our country,” Trump’s campaign witnessed an increase in the number of supporters, because most Republicans – including those who oppose his candidacy for the presidency for the third time – rallied around him after he was charged last April in the context of Democrats called him weak.

The campaign has attracted millions of dollars in donations, and is expected to achieve a similar result after the ruling issued last week.

“It remains for us to know the impact of Carroll’s case on Trump’s position among his supporters, not his loyal supporters,” the newspaper said, considering Trump’s appearance on CNN as part of a strategy to approach more hesitant voters, especially rural women.

It is noteworthy that Biden defeated Trump in 2020 by an average of 19 points for rural women and 12 points for women in general, according to a Footcast poll conducted by the Associated Press.

Confidence shake

In exclusive statements to some campaign strategists, they said, “The increase in Trump’s legal problems, which include ongoing criminal investigations related to pressure on Georgia state officials after the 2020 elections and January 6, 2021, and the riots that took place in the Capitol, will result in a shaken voter confidence.”

Few of Trump’s rivals and potential rivals commented on this ruling, and former Arkansas governor Isa Hutchinson said, “The jury verdict should be taken seriously, and be considered another example of Trump’s indefensible behavior.”

For his part, Vivek Ramaswamy, another contender, said, “Believe me, things would be much smoother if Trump wasn’t in this race, but we don’t weaponize the law in this country, nor allow decades-old rulings to weaken political opponents.”


Former Vice President Mike Pence assured NBC News that the Americans will choose, and added, “Such behavior did not come from Trump.”

Some current or potential Republican candidates did not comment on Carroll’s case, such as Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, who ranks second in the poll after Trump, South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley, and South Carolina Senator Tim Scott.

“She believes voters will focus on inflation, border security, and other issues,” RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel told Fox News.

McDaniel added, “I think that most women have been disappointed in the Biden administration, which will make them look for a Republican candidate, whoever he is, who comes with an opposition vision.”

On the other hand, some Republicans in Congress hesitated to discuss the allegations or said, “They do not have enough information about the issue, as Senator Josh Holly pointed out that the voters will decide and that he will support the party’s candidate, and that Trump will be this candidate.”

Chances of Trump and Biden in the latest poll:

7 points ahead of Trump

44% will vote for Trump

38% will vote for Biden

12% have not decided their position