Jannat releases her latest song, “As if You Are Sugar,” on May 21

Written by Bahaa Nabil

Sunday, May 14, 2023 08:53 PM

Moroccan star Jannat is preparing to release a new song entitled “As If You Are Sugar” on the YouTube video site, on Sunday, May 21st. The song is written by Ahmed Issa, composed by Madian, and distributed by Yahya Youssef.

And the Moroccan star, Jannat, celebrated the birthday of her daughter, who bears her name, and gave her a song that she sang especially for her, and a state of joy and happiness that she gathered with her daughter dominated the atmosphere.

And the Moroccan star, Jannat, had recently released a song entitled “Apples and Strawberries”, on the video site “YouTube” and various social networking sites, and the song was written by Bassem Adel, composed by Muhammad Al-Sawy, distributed and mixed by Hazem Saeed..

Jannat’s last singing work was the song “Ya Bakhti Bey”, which she posted on YouTube and various social networking sites. The song was written by Ahmed Sorour and composed by Islam Refaat..

And some time ago, the star Jannat starred in a concert within the activities of the Arab Music Festival in its 31st session, which was held at the Fountain Theater inside the Egyptian Opera House last November, and raised the slogan of the full number, and through it she presented a large number of her songs that the audience interacted with, including: The innocent child and Masa Beauty, by the way, and listen to my words and more than a year and a thread is weak and conscious, and the desert is darker, and what is between you and me, as I presented songs from the time of beautiful art, including: The Moon is Gone by Shadia, and the Rose Doesn’t Leave.

Jannat’s last lyrical album was entitled “I’m Waiting for You” and included 11 songs in the Egyptian dialect. She collaborated with a number of great composers, poets and distributors alongside the youth. Among the poets are: Tamer Hussein, Aziz Al Shafei, Abdel Hamid Al Habak, Jamal Al Khouli, Shady Nour, Karim Hakim, Salama Ali, Ali Fathi, Ahmed Al-Habashi, and composers include Walid Saad, Madian, Ramy Gamal, Ahmed Hussein, Imad Taj, Khaled Fattouh, and Bilal Sorour.

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